Sharing the wisdom and live a wise and wealthy life - Industrial Bank Celebrity Forum “Fu, Pei-Jung, wisdom from the Book of Changes”

In the morning of November 1st, Industrial Bank Hohhot Branch have successfully held another celebrity forum: “Fu, Pei-Jung, wisdom from the Book of Changes”. Over 160 of our private banking customers and vice president of sales and operations, manager of private banking center and other managers attended the meeting.

The promotions on this event was a success with many of our customers came early for the best seats. The manager of the private banking center gave the opening speech, welcomed Professor Fu and other honorable guests’ presence, and thanked the customers for the love and loyalty to Industrial Bank.

The host then gave a very detailed introduction of the man of the hour, the host for “the Wisdom of Mencius” on the China Central Television’s popular show “Lecture Room”, Doctor of Philosophy from Yale University - Professor Fu, Pei-Jung. He was the Dean of the School of Philosophy in the National Taiwan University and the director of the institute of philosophy research, currently he retired from all the duties and holding just a teaching position as a professor of philosophy in the same school. He was hailed as “High-impact Mentor of Traditional Sinology, Enlightenment Guidance, and a master of popularization of philosophy”.

In the packed house, there were over 20 corporate customers present, this had laid the foundation for the servicing resource consolidation and business communication for our bank. Professor Fu’s lecture were extremely enticing, many people were taking notes. The lesson on divination were the highlight of the event, with wide spread participation. After learning some simple tricks of interpret fortune reading, the attendees can hardly contain their glee.

 “Fu, Pei-Jung, wisdom from the Book of Changes” had significantly increased the Industrial Bank private banking service’s brand image in Hohhot, expand the influence of the private banking business, sped up the customer upgrade process. Hohhot branch will further utilize the Celebrity Forum and abide by the concept of “leading a wise and wealthy life”, continue to follow up our current customer, explore new customer bases, and strengthen customer loyalty, and make them truly feel the butler-style private banking service.