Hohhot Branch “Private Banking Family Golf Club” event briefing

From September 1st to October 31st, 2014, Industrial Bank Hohhot Branch teamed with Green-island Golf Center in building the Industrial Bank Private Banking Customer Service Platform, namely: “Industrial Bank Private Banking Family Gold Club”. This event attracted standard high value customers (net worth over 10,000,000) and potential high value customers (net worth over 3,000,000) from Hohhot Branch over 500 person-time.

There were altogether 27 games played in the two months span, organized in three stages of deployment, maintenance, and follow ups. The golf games open to customers and potential customers with invitations from the branch and customer service managers. It had greatly improved the sales opportunities for all the participating branches.

In the golden autumn day at the end of October, the Industrial Bank Private Banking Family Golf Club promotion had came to a successful conclusion. With the strong support provided by the branch managers, the Hohhot Branch was able to build a high end platform for all the golf lovers and sports enthusiasts to verge and gave us a chance to strengthen our bond with the customers, and offer private banking services to our VIP customers. This allowed us to truly achieve the most refined and conclusive servicing performance, to create a need based tailor made high end customer service procedure with globalization prospective in mind, and let the customer experience the ever improving bank that is us.

Hohhot Branch Private Banking Center