Ancient wisdom in Sinology

- “Fu, Pei-Jung, Wisdom from the Book of Changes”, a briefing Celebrity Forum in Changsha.

November 16th, the “Fu, Pei-Jung, Wisdom from the Book of Changes” a briefing Celebrity Forum was a complete success. The Communist Party Commissioner for the Changsha Branch, Bank Director's assistant, vice president of Sales, and the president of Customer Marketing have attended this event. Industrial Bank Private Banking’s motto of “live a wise and wealthy life” is once again demonstrated to the 94 high end customers through the high quality customer service provided by the banking staff and Professor Fu’s enticing and interactive lecture.

Being the first Celebrity Forum held in Changsha, the Head Office and branch managers was with us every step of the way providing guidance and support, from target customer confirmation, brand promotion to on-site execution procedure and customer feed back. When confirming target customers, to maximize the effects of Industrial Bank Private Banking’s brand marketing range, social circle-based influence, the branch manager encouraged the existing customers to introduce their friends to us and invite ultra-highend customer in their industry to join this event. In promoting the brand, aside from doing the usual WeChat messaging, advertisements were put in to mainstream local media and magazines as a rolling start towards the date and also news reports to hype the event. In on-site execution and customer feedback, we have provided every member of the audience a gift bag containing books baring Industrial Bank Private Banking Logo written signed by Professor Fu, Pei-Jung.

After the event, customers have called in their support and expressed the gratitude for the overall experience. The staff have done one-on-one follow ups, and listened to all customer suggestions. The branch will ride the hype from this event to explore the potential of the private banking customers and follow through with marketing towards the target customers. And in keeping with the “living the wise and wealthy lifestyle” motto of Industrial Bank, we want to help more high-end customers experience the Full Butler Style service that we offer here at Private Banking.