“World Water Day” Industrial Bank and the Alxa League Society Entrepreneurs Ecology Association calling on water resources protection


2015-03-24 Industrial Bank Private Banking

"World Water Day" Industrial Bank and the Alxa League SEE calling on water resources protection

March 22nd is the annual “World Water Day”.

On that day, Alxa League SEE Association and China’s first member of Equator Principles Association, leader in Environmental Finance - Industrial Bank co-hosted the “Water and Sustainable Development” Forum. Over 300 representatives from environmental protection organizations and corporations such as United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, World Wildlife Fund, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Water Resource Research Institute of the Chinese Department of Water Resources, Shanghai Water Resources Foundation were present at the conference, discussing topics on the protecting water resources, sustainable development, and calling on more people to realize the urgency in water resource issues.

Industrial Bank had also taken this opportunity to announce the issuance of China’s first philanthropic Concept Debit Card. Its holder can voluntarily make targeted

donations to Alxa League SEE’s “One Hundred Million Saxaul Tree” project.

Statistics shows that we have over 110 million people living with 1 kilometer range of a source of pollution; over half of the 197 rivers are not safe drink, swim or farm fish; 2/3 of all cities have water shortage; half of the cities have the ground water severely polluted...

In the reports on the National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, action plan for water pollution protect had made its initial appearance, and garnered much attention. But aside from dealing with water pollution problem with an iron fist, the attention and support from the community level is also much needed.

As an integral part of the magnificent 2015 “Protect the mother river, save the essence of China” World Water Day Environmental Protection Socially Useful Activity, many distinguished guest from at home and abroad have been present at the “Water and Sustainable Development” forum. Among them were the current president of the Alxa League SEE Association, Ren, Zhiqiang, Second President, Wang, Shi, and Vice president Chen, Jinguang of the Industrial Bank on the host side, and distinguished guests from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Shanghai, Shanghai Water Authority, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, World Wildlife Fund, Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE), the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Water Resource Research Institute of the Chinese Department of Water Resources, Shanghai Water Resources Foundation, and American Environmental Protection Agency, etc. 

The participants discussed topics on water pollution control, water resource protection and sustainable development with respects to the Chinese Water Resources Management Policies, Sustainable Development with Water and Corporations, Public-Private Partnership in Water Resources Management’s now and the future, Corporate Water Strategy, Corporation and Water as Public Welfare, and called on businesses and government agencies to collaborate in the areas of water resources protection.

Alxa League SEE Association were initially created to help fight the desertification in Alxa League. It is the first Environmental Protection Organization that mainly consisted of famous entrepreneurs in China. It currently has more than 380 members, invested a total of 200 million Yuan in the last ten years for charitable causes. Its focus had gradually included in water resources protection and many other fields, and have been continuously supporting water pollution monitor and protection networks lead by IPE and 5 other groups.

Their president, Ren, Jianqiang, said: “SEE wants to utilizing its own advantages to create platforms to help invite the non-governmental environmental protection organizations and people from all walks of life to start to talk about, collaborate, participate and share their experiences in water resources protection. And help corporations actively take part in water resources protection and management, in order to realize the green economy that will be truly sustainable for the country, and keep the sky blue and the water green in China.

Powered by the same interest, Industrial Bank, the first and only Chinese bank to adopt the Equator Principles, had been for years, innovating green financing products in order to use market based solution to push for better water resources usage and protection. As of the end of December, 2014, our bank has invested and financed over 103.7 billion yuan in water resource development and protection. Supported 879 different projects all across the country, in the building and upgrading of water treatment plants, industrial water conservation, desalination of sea water, water shed planning, and many other areas of water resources management. In Zhejiang “Five Water Management” project, we provided over 20 billion yuan financing. In Shaanxi’s “Han River Diversion into Wei River” project, we provided 7.5 billion yuan of credit extension support. These projects have an estimate of annual reduction of chemical oxygen demand by 1.23 million tons, ammonia nitrogen by 35.8 thousand tons, and save 26.2 million tons of water.

In the forum, the vice president of Industrial Bank, Chen, Jinguang, said commercial banks have indispensable responsibility in promoting sustainable development and environmental protection. We joined this forum in the hope that we can raise more awareness on ecosystem and green economy in the country, to do more for the sustainability of the economy, to protect the earth’s environment, and to build a better China.


This year’s “Water and Sustainable Development” forum had a special segment, the ceremony of the first issuance of “Industrial Bank SEE Private Banking Card”. This is the first Philanthropic Concept Bank Card for the private banking clients in China. Its holder can voluntarily make targeted donations to Alxa League SEE’s “One Hundred Million Saxaul Tree” project. Feng, Lun; Wang, Shi; Ren, Zhiqiang were among the first to received their cards during the ceremony.

In order to reverse desertification for the largest dust bowl in China - Inner Mongolia Alxa League's dry, rain-less, windy and prone to sand storm environment, Alxa League SEE Association initiated "One Hundred Million Saxaul Trees" project. In which, they plan to plant one hundred million drought resistant saxaul trees in Alxa League, gain back 300,000 acre of vegetation, significantly improve the ecosystem, and reduce, from source, Alxa's sand storm's damage to neighboring counties, and halt the desertification progress. At the same time, the saxaul plant can provide more income for the local economy.

Industrial Bank Private Banking Department have been working alongside Alxa League SEE in a variety of charitable causes since 2013. The "Elite Growth Club - Alxa League Family Walk-a-thon" in 2014 were one of the events co-hosted by Industrial Bank and Alxa League SEE. Private Banking families were teamed up and walked on foot from Ningxia to Alxa League, and raised enough money for an "Industrial Bank Woods" for the "One Hundred Million" Saxaul project. The money raised with the "Industrial Bank SEE Private Banking Card"  will also be used fund the project. 

The "Industrial Bank SEE Private Banking Card" is not just giving out to anyone. The card holder have to recognize the cause that Industrial Bank and "Alxa League SEE" is sponsoring, and voluntarily donates to the Alxa League SEE projects. In other words, only people who adheres to our mission can have the card. But having the card is easy. All you have to do is go to the service counter or through online banking set up "scheduled transfer". Use months or years as the frequency to set donation amounts, and actualize your regular charity support. 

Our private banking member have already exceeded 18 thousand, with net asset valued over 200 billion yuan. The creation of "Industrial Bank Alxa League SEE Private Banking Card" is yet another step we took to fulfill the need for "Spiritual Investment" among High Net Worth Individuals and support a cause we believe in.