A special give for children safety - Industry Bank presents the national tour of the Children Safety Musical by Zheng, Yuanjie.

Abstract: Based on the book with the same title, the new musical adaptation of Zheng, Yuanjie's novel "Pipilu gives you 100 lives" held its press conference of its 2015 national tour in Beijing Poly Plaza in the afternoon of March 28th.

"Grow up safe with Industrial Bank"

Children Musical

"Pipilu gives you 100 lives"

National Tour press conference held in Beijing.

Based on the book with the same title, the new musical adaptation of Zheng, Yuanjie's novel "Pipilu gives you 100 lives" held its press conference of its 2015 national tour in Beijing Poly Plaza in the afternoon of March 28th. Industrial Bank Private Banking will be 100% behind the tour as its chief business partner.

March 28th, on the eve of National Children Safety Education Day, a new children safety musical produced by Hangzhou Dream Star Factory, based on Zheng, Yuanjie's novel with the same title - "Pipilu gives you 100 lives" held its press conference for the 2015 national tour at Beijing Poly Theatre. The premiere will be on the 7th of April.

Children under 14 years of have reached 320 million in China. Studies shows, in China, accidental ingury have replaced malnutrition and transmitabe disease as the main threat to children safety. There should be no doubt in the importance of children safety education. Many representatives in this year's National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference have proposed to include the children safety education as a part of the 9 year compulsary education. The public became more aware of the importance of children safety education.

As the main supporting organization for the national tour, Industrial Bank Private Banking explains: children are the future of the country. As a responsible bank, Industrial Bank will gladly prove that support with action. The 100 shows national tour across 50 cities is just one of our special gifts to the children.

"Pipilu gives you 100 lives" was originally a gift from critically acclaimed children's book writer Zheng, Yuanjie to his son Zheng, Yaqi. Sharing stories covering 100 children safety issues such as don't jump on manhole covers and watch for cars when yoy cross the street. When it first published, it was immediate placed first in children book sales on dangdang.com. The musical adaptation of the book tells the stories of the young protagnist using safety tips he learned to over come obstacles and avoid danger. The stories covers 5 areas such as food safety, campus safety, and family safety. The set is colorful and fun with futuristic on stage special effects, gives it a perfect combination of learning and fun.

Mr. Zheng has placed high hopes on this show, he was quoted saying "I hope young parents and children can understand the importance of children safety, and perhaps learn a few safety tips and apply them in their lives, to take action to avoid danger and protect children safety".

The general manager of Industrial Bank Private Banking Department, Xue, Ruifeng, attended the press conference and concurs with his wishes, saying the reason we sponsor this musical is also for the hope that more children can grow up safely.

Mr. Xue also said the Private Banking Department will also be holding 9 children safety seminars with Zheng, Yuanjie as the guest of honor, invite clients and their children to the musical and promote children safety tips and pass on the responsibilities of caring for our next generation.

In fact, two years ago, Industrial Bank Private Banking have long established a "Elite Growth Club" catering towards the customer's children education needs. And organized such events as the North Pole Trip, the Alxa League Green Anti-desertification Project and other family oriented events. Truly fulfill the promise of growing with Industrial Bank. Private banking representatives will not only provide hedging and inheritance services for the customer, but also make an active effort to assist them in their children's education, in areas of IQ, EQ, business sense, and social and environmental responsibility.

In the 4 years of its existence, Industrial Bank Private Banking member have already exceeded 18 thousand, with net asset valued over 200 billion yuan. We will continue to thrive to make the  "Elite Growth Club" into a caring and supporting value added platform for the children of our private banking members.