Children Grow Up Safe in the Company of Industrial Bank – Summary on the premier of music drama “Pipi Lu Tells 100 Stories to Avoid Danger”

On the evening of April 7th, IB’s Beijing branch invited high net worth clients with kids aged from 3 to 10 to attend the premier of a music drama on children’s safety education at Beijing Poly Theater. The drama, named “Pipi Lu Tells 100 Stories to Avoid Danger” was adapted from the same-name book by the famed fairytale writer Deng Yuanjie.

Deng Yuanjie, barely shown up in the public, attended the premier in the name of Lu Xixi’s supporters and shared with IB’s clients his observations on how to avoid conflicts and resolve crisis. The book, first wrote for Deng’s son Deng Yaqi to educate him on safety, covers 100 tips to prevent danger, such as keeping away from manhole cover, watching out for cars and etc. In the drama, Pipi Lu and his sister Lu Xixi got out of the jaws of danger using safety knowledge they accumulated in everyday life, covering food, campus activities, household appliance and other fields. The drama was played in such an amusing and vivid way that children among the audience not only enjoyed the performance, but also strengthened their safety awareness. By applying the safety knowledge into everyday life, dangerous situations could be avoided in advance and children safety is assured.

On the stage, more than 40 scenes were put on with delicate arrangement of light, music and stage design. The cast received rapturous applause for their wonderful performance and won everyone’s respect with their dedication. The drama not only promoted safety education among children, but also affected the audience with its aesthetic touch, serving the Chinese people’s growing taste for spiritual pursuit.

More than 200 clients participated in the event with their families. It was well received for it provided an opportunity for IB’s clients to get closer to their children. IB’s brand awareness was promoted as well.

It was reported that IB Private Banking set up the Elite Cultivation Club especially for IB’s clients considering their need for children education and organized a series of events for clients and their children, such as the trip to the North Pole and the charity tour for sandstorm control in Alashan. The club focuses on family education for children, from intelligence, emotional management, wealth management, to social responsibility and environmental protection. Four years after its founding, IB private banking has now owned 18,000 clients with an asset of 200 billion yuan. Industrial Bank will make further efforts to build the Elite Cultivation Club into a featured value-added private banking service platform that cares for the next generation. 

According to staff from related team, the music drama is just a tip of a series of family outings. This year we will carry out more activities with diversified forms based on our clients’ feedback. Our goal is to help our clients to learn about finance and to better prevent and control risks through participating in the events, which will in return increase client awareness of IB brand and promote customer loyalty.