Children Grow Up Safe in the Company of Industrial Bank

Music Drama “Pipi Lu Tells 100 Stories to Avoid Danger” sponsored by Industrial Bank staged with great success

Did Pipi Lu and Lu Xixi’s fairy tales still ring a bell? On April 10th and 11th, the nationwide tour of music drama Pipi Lu Tells 100 Stories to Avoid Danger, sponsored by IB, arrived in Shenyang, offering parents and their children in the city a chance to learn safety knowledge through amusing performances.

On April 10th, the first day of staging, seven cardboard characters featuring IB private banking’s logo attracted children’s attention at the entrance hall. Many parents took out their phone photographing their children with the characters. In order to promote IB brand awareness throughout the activity and introduce our products to target clients, we prepared delicately designed gift bags containing a special leaflet of “financial planning for young parents”, introduction page of IB private banking service, and other promotional items. Before the performance started, we invited parents to scan QR code to follow Industrial Bank on WeChat, offering the chance to take part in our lottery draw in an effort to gain more prospective clients for IB.

Prior to the drama, IB private banking’s promotional video was played and impressed the audience. The lottery draw was funded by Industrial Bank and offered a lot fun for adults and children as well. As the drama began, children were taken through a tour of various scenes with the guide of Pipi Lu and Lu Xixi, who overcame a series of pitfalls using safety knowledge they accumulated through everyday life and finally got back to the real world unharmed. The drama was the first of its kind caring for children and promoting children safety. Parents praised Industrial Bank for its caring for children education, featured services and its social responsibility as well.

More than 2,000 people watched the music drama within the two days and especially on April 11th, the box office hit the single-day record. Shenyang branch successfully promoted IB brand through the activity, established a reputable image and increased IB brand recognition among clients. Shenyang branch is committed to continue its efforts to maintain and explore IB’s client base, win the recognition of more elites, and meanwhile make IB private banking service a significant brand in the city.


April 13th, 2015