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As an account-based transaction business, Full Gold refers to a business in which individual clients, on a voluntary and risk-bearing basis, conduct buy-in or short-selling of foreign exchange or precious metal with our bank via Full Gold system, and settle balances by client's transaction account after closing the transactions.


★Rich products

39 quoted USD and RMB products

★ Low threshold

The trading unit shall be lot, in which 1 lot of RMB gold product = 1 g gold, 1 lot of silver product = 1 g silver; 1 lot of foreign exchange product in USD = 1000 units of basic currency, 1 lot of USD gold product = 1 ounce gold.

★Long trading time

24 hours quotation and transaction services. Consecutive trading from 06:00 on Monday to 05:00 on Saturday, interlinking global financial market.

★Two-way transaction

Flexible trading model featured two-way transaction with profitable opportunities in both ups and downs.

★Diversified transaction methods

With real time deal and pending order, customers can seize market opportunities effectively.

Application Procedures

1. Prepare all the documents To open an account with Full Gold, individual clients should bring valid original ID card and wealth management card to one of our bank's outlets.

2. Risk evaluation A wealth manager at outlet scores clients' questionnaires according to Full Gold Risk Evaluation Questionnaire Scoring Criteria for IB Individual Clients. (our bank provides one times leverage at present).

3. Sign Agreement Clients sign Full Gold Business Agreement for IB Individual Clients with our bank.

4. Open an account and set tradable products

5. Download the client Customers shall visit - download center - individual internet banking tool - download Full Gold client - transfer funds for transaction - trade.


1. Customers may choose to open or close tradable products, including RMB and USD products. If a customer intends to open USD products, he/she shall make sure that there is USD settlement account (cash account and currency account) under his/her wealth management card.

2. Only wealth management cards under respective branch's jurisdiction can be used to open Full Gold business at our system, otherwise it cannot be used to open such business.

Risk Warning

Full Gold may increase clients' revenue as well as risks which may lead to loss. Cautiousness is advised.


Huijin Club High-end Service

1. Introduction to Huijin Club

As an exclusive organ for retail transaction high-end clients, Huijin Club is committed to offer professional, attentive and dedicated service for precious metal and foreign exchange investors, and to provide a communication platform for those with common interests in investments.

The club adopts membership of two levels: senior member and regular member. Clients who trade with our bank on agency precious metal transaction at Shanghai Gold Exchange, Full Gold and foreign exchange firm bargain with a turnover exceeding 200 million yuan per quarter could become a senior member, and clients with a turnover between 20-200 million yuan per quarter could become a regular member.

Note: The above clients do not contain comprehensive member clients.

2. Exclusive Services of Huijin Club

1. Exclusive Team Service

Senior members will be served exclusively by HQ expert team, trading business head at branches and wealth manager (or client manager) at sub-branches; and regular members will be served exclusively by trading business head at branches and wealth manager (or client manager) at sub-branches.

2. Rich Investment Info

Members will be offered information such as Comments on Morning and Evening Markets, Daily Market Summary Report, and Weekly Gold Watch etc.

3. Preferential Handling Fee Rate

Members may enjoy preferential fee rate.

4. Exclusive gifts

Members will receive delicate gifts from time to time.

5. Referral gifts

Existing member can receive delicate gifts by referring friends to join Huijin Club.

6. Members activities

IB HQ, branches and sub-branches will hold investment lectures, tours and other activities for members.

7. Other benefits

Black and White Gold members can enjoy exclusive services such as golf, VIP channel at airports, preferential appointment for corporate aircraft, gift book and value added health services.

3. Huijin VIP hotlines of various sub-branch (click to view)


Download frequently used software

★Full Gold client: please download at Homepage - download center - individual internet banking tool - Full Gold client;

★Analysis software of precious metal market: please download at Homepage - download center – others - analysis software of precious metal market. User name: cibgold, password: cibgold99.