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Agency Trust Service

【Functions Introduction】

Agency trust service refers to an intermediate business where, under the consignment of the trust company, IB provides you with a range of services (or some of them) such as subscription and payment for trust products, trust income distribution, and cashing of trust upon maturity, and collects some handling charges.


According to the characteristics of trust function, a trust company is the only financial institution that is allowed to make investment in the fields of capital market, monetary market, and real industry. The diversified investment fields can reduce investment risks and produce the maximum benefits to investors to some extent.

The trust company can provide customized trust products according to the preferences and characteristics of customers. Operated by professionals, portfolio investment can be made based on the professional knowledge, experience and skills so as to reduce investment risks and increase returns on investment.

Compared with the agency trust service provided by other banks, IB will, in combination with its own powerful capital strength, good social credit standing, massive business network, and fast settlement system, select collaborative trust companies carefully and choose their competitive trust products as agency products, so as to provide better services to you.

【Application Procedures】

1. Opening an IB Card

Before the subscription of trust products, please open an IB card and deposit enough money. Upon subscription, please designate the card for transferring funds upon payment, trust income distribution, and cashing of trust upon maturity.

2. Payment for subscription

Upon payment for subscription, you must take your own valid identity certificate, IB card and other materials, and fill in the sheet for savings account transfer and make payment at an agency outlet.

3. Execution of contract

After the payment for subscription is made, you must sign the Risk Statement, Trust Contract and relevant materials with the trust company.

4. Trust income distribution

Trust incomes will be transferred to your IB card account on a regular basis according to the relevant provisions of the Trust Contract.

5. Cashing of trust upon maturity

After your trust plan becomes mature and the funds are cashed from the trust company to your special trust account, the trust principal and incomes will be transferred to the designated IB card account of yours.

Remarks: The above proce dures are only provided as an example. Please follow the actual handling process.