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WLB Wealth Management Service

Launched in late 2004, IB WLB (Wang Li Bao) RMB wealth management tool has been gradually developed into a series that covers the whole line of wealth management products with different risk levels. Leading products under the brand name “WLB” include “Daily WLB”, “Special A+3 Program” and “Global Wealth Management” have been successfully introduced to the market.

【Product Series】

Daily WLB: an RMB wealth management product designed to meet the demands from the market segment of prudent clients. It is the first year-round wealth management product with low risk in the industry. In addition to highly secure principal, Daily WLB also brings high liquidity and high profitability to clients. Major investment targets of the product are highly liquid T-bond, central bank bills, financial bond, short term financing bills in the inter-bank bond market; deposits by Chinese or overseas commercial banks other than IB; and corporate debts or bills credited by a national commercial bank that meet IB's requirements on credit approval.

Special A+3 Program: an RMB wealth management product with investment direction expanded to industrial market and capital market through grafting trust programs. Current investment scope covers loans for construction projects, new stock subscriptions, fund of funds (FOF), stock investment in securities capital market, equity financing, etc.

Global Wealth Management: an RMB wealth management product with which IB purchases foreign exchanges with RMB funds collected and then invests in foreign financial products on behalf of its clients. Major investment targets include principal guaranteed structural bills and highly transparent index fund portfolios distributed in overseas market. Global Wealth Management provides a wealth management tool featuring globalized asset allocation for clients to share benefit gained from the growth of international financial market.

Structural RMB Wealth Management Products: refer to those IB products whose returns are linked to specific indicators such as price of precious metals/agricultural products/raw materials or exchange rate/interest rate. Investment scope is expanded through diversification of indicators to which these products are linked.

Capital Market Investment Products: (cooperation between bank and securities/trust companies) utilize special wealth management plans or trust plans in which investment directions are designated by investors to cooperate with qualified securities companies and trust companies so as to invest in funds of fund, new stock offline subscriptions, etc.


Flexible Design & Diversified Varieties: IB keeps rolling out RMB wealth management portfolio for clients with different risk appetite to meet your personalized and diversified demands for RMB wealth management.

Transparent Information & Standardized Management: highly transparent information on operation of wealth management products is released in “Wealth Management Product Information” channel with a direct link on the homepage of CIB Online.