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Bank-futures Direct Express

(1) Introduction of Functions:

Bank-futures direct express refers to the financial service that, as the holding bank for the futures security account of a futures company and the bank settlement accounts of an investor, the Bank establishes a corresponding relationship between the bank settlement account of the investor and the funds account of its futures company by matchmaking the core business system of the Bank with the trading system of the futures company, and the investor may give funds transfer instructions via various channels provided by the Bank and the futures company, to achieve designated and real-time transfer of funds between the bank settlement account of the investor and the security account of the futures company.

2) Features:

1. Multiple accounts under one customer for centralized management

It supports a customer to bundle one bank settlement account with multiple funds accounts of different futures companies and achieve unified and centralized management of funds and accounts, thus facilitating the customer to trade in multiple futures companies.

2. Two-end agreement and two-end transfer

Investors who have opened bank settlement accounts may sign agreement with a futures company directly or via the counter, internet banking system and mobile banking system of the Bank. Investors may transfer funds through multiple channels both at the futures and bank ends.

3. Universal saving and withdrawal, and non-local based agreement

With universal saving and withdrawal across the bank, funds can arrive on a real-time basis. Personal customer services are not subject to restriction of locations.

4. Considerate services and free of charges 

Adhering to the concept of “Growing Together with Sincere Service” advocated by IB, the business provides customers with considerate and all-round services, and no fees are charged for transfer within the Bank.

5. Futures-securities direct pass supporting all-in-one currencies

Futures-securities Pass” provides customer with direct real-time transfer service between futures funds and securities funds, and the foreign currency transfer service supports bank-futures transfer in RMB and foreign currencies with one settlement account at the same time, thus meeting the diversified financial needs of customers.

6. Supporting wealth management services enabling convenient interest accrual

Supporting banking wealth management services such as convenient interest accrual and cash management are provided to increase the capital incomes of customers. 

v7. efficient and reliable IT operation


The whole bank establishes an efficient and reliable IT operation system and professional service team to ensure the safe and steady running of the technical system and guarantee the security of funds of futures companies and customers.

8. Efficient and timely emergency response

Emergency response plans of funds transfer are provided under abnormal circumstances to ensure the time efficiency and consistency of participation in trading by customers.

9. Reliable, trustworthy and professional consulting service, r    

A professional consulting team is organized to give timely answers to questions regarding business transaction.

(3) Application Procedures:

1. As a personal investor, you may take your own ID card, and as an institutional investor, you may take your account-opening documents to open an IB wealth management card or bank settlement account.

2. Investors may go to a futures company o securities company with the qualification to introduction brokerage (IB business) to open a futures funds account.

3. After signing the “Bank-futures Transfer Service Agreement of Industrial Bank” at the banking channels (counter of outlet and electronic banking) or channels of futures companies (counter of outlet), investors may bundle bank settlement accounts with corresponding futures funds accounts.

4. Investors may handle fund transfer between bank settlement account and futures funds account at the banking channels (counter of outlet and electronic banking) or channels of futures companies (counter of outlet)

Service hours: The business service hours extend from 8:30 to 16:00 on each trading day, and from 20:30 to 02:30 during the night offer trading period (the specific trading time is subject to the opening time of the system of each futures company). Upon the national festivals and holidays and the closing time of futures exchanges, the service will not be handled.