Personal Travel Loan

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Personal travel loan: RMB loan granted in a credit way by IB to borrowers for himself/herself and his/her companies to pay for domestic and overseas travel expenditures.


1. "Travel easily with one certificate": a borrower can get unsecured loan as high as 300,000 yuan by providing property or income certificates.

2. "Quick loan for deposit + free deposit certification!": a borrower has no need to use funds under family wealth management program for deposit certification required by travel agency, and can receive deposit certification free of charge.

3. "Fast approval, less worries": a borrower could learn about the result of loan application in just 2 business day with no need to wait in anxiety.

4. "One credit extension, multiple uses": a borrower may apply for credit extension of travel loan for as long as 3 years and use loan funds under the credit line according to its travel plan in 3 years.

5. "Travel popular routes with preferential prices": By applying travel loan, a borrower can participate various popular routes and favorable activities launched jointly by IB and travel agencies.

[User's Guide]

• Application requirements

1. Applicants must be Chinese citizens (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents) aged between 18 to 65 with sound credit history.

2. Meet one of the following criteria:

1) The borrower (and his/her spouse) should own local residential/commercial house with a covered area of 50 sqm or above

2) The borrower should have local household registration status;

3) The borrower should have stable local job;

3. Other requirements specified by IB.

Purpose and line of credit/loan

The personal travel loan shall be used for the travel consumption expenditure of the borrower and his/her companies, such as paying for deposit of overseas travel; issuing deposit certification for visa application; paying for travel group fees; shopping, car renting and other travel expenditures; and other consumption expenditures during personal travel.

Depending on the purpose, the credit/loan line of personal travel loan shall execute the highest line of credit/loan. The credit/loan line of personal travel loan should be more than 10,000 yuan and less than 300,000 yuan. Multiple uses of loan should not exceed the remaining credit line.

Credit/loan period


Longest credit period

Sub-product of loan

Single loan period

Personal Travel Loan

3 years

Loan for overseas travel deposit (to pay for overseas travel deposit)

3 months

6 months

Loan for travel consumption (to pay for group fees or domestic or overseas consumption)

1 year

2 years

3 years

 Loan interest rate

As per the rules of IB's local branch.

Mode of repayment

Where the loan period is no more than half year (inclusive), the principal and interest shall be repaid on a lump-sum basis when the term of the loan ends.

Where the loan period is more than one year (inclusive), the borrower may pay the interest monthly and repay the principal in installments; or equal repayment of principal (interest) on a monthly basis.

 Application materials

1. Travel Contract or Travel Letter of Intent signed between the borrower and travel agency;

2. The borrower's ID card, household registration booklet and passport

3. Property ownership certificate of the borrower (including spouse) or income certificate issued by the borrower's employer;

4. Other materials to be provided as required by IB.

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(The above contents are only for reference and the specific handling requirements are subject to provisions of local IB branches. Please consult the local IB branches for details before going through relevant procedures.)