Security Notice for Internet Banking

I. Properly manage your account number, password and NetShield

1. Keep your account number, password and internet banking NetShield in proper custody. Don't trust any behaviors for fraudulently acquiring account number, NetShield and password, nor easily disclose your certificate number, account number and password to any others. Under no circumstance will IB require you to actively provide password or internet banking NetShield by way of email, regular mail, telephone or SMS.

2. Your password should be a combination of digits and English letters in both uppercase and lower case. To enhance the password protection, no content that can be guessed out easily, such as birth date, name, and address, shall be used as password.

3. If your NetShield password has been revealed, please go through the reissuance or replacement procedures as soon as possible.

II. Check the website address

1. Check and make sure you're accessing our website Do not access our website via a link from another website.

2. When making online purchase, please pay via a normal and reputable online merchant. When making an online payment, check and make sure that the website address appearing in the browser's address field on the page for entering your card number and password is our website.

III. Make sure your computer system is secure

1. Download and install the internet banking, mobile banking security control and client software from the official website of our Bank.

2. Set the logon password of Windows, and please open the self-contained firewall of the system and close the remote logon function if the system is above Windows XP.

3. Download and install the latest security patches for the operating system and browser on a regular basis.

4. Install the anti-virus software and firewall software, and update them in a timely manner.

5. If you will not be using your computer for an extended period of time, disconnect the computer network or shut down the computer.

IV. Enhance security awareness

1. Use a digital certificate accredited by national authorities (e.g. CFCA). We recommend you to activate the functions of “NetShield” and SMS Guard simultaneously, and improve the rating of security protection by combining various security measures.

2. Upon activation of the SMS Guard, ensure that the mobile phone number to receive SMS is your own without fail. To activate the SMS Guard with a mobile phone number of another person may lead some lawless persons to conduct fraud through illegal transfer.

3. Don't believe in information received via messages to your mobile phone, or learned via telephone and website other than that of IB about award and loan, and please call the nationwide customer service hotline of IB 95561 in case of any problem to make confirmation.

4. Don't believe in any telephone defraudation to require transferring of your money in the name of “security account” by false public security officer, police officer, court officer, law officer, etc.

5. Avoid accessing the online bank in a public place or on a computer other than yours. After exiting the online banking or when leaving your computer unattended temporarily, be sure to unplug the NetShield, and never leave it on the computer.

6. It is recommended not to browse any other website when operating on the online bank system. Because the malicious codes from other website may s natch information on your computer.

7. It is recommended to set reasonable transaction limits for different electronic payment methods. Please check the transaction contents upon each transaction and operate after confirming that there is no error. Don't leave the transaction terminal in the midway when the transaction is not completed and click to exit after finishing the transaction.

8. Examine and check the records of internet banking transactions on a regular basis. Such message reminders as for bank logon, change in balance and change in account setting can be received in a timely manner by prescribing customized message reminding services and mailing services of account statements of IB.

V. Online Banking Security Package (more stars indicate higher security level)

We recommend that you select the most secure combination!

Combination of security tools Security rating
NetShield + SMS Guard ★★★★★
Document Certificate + SMS Guard ★★★★
NetShield ★★★
Document Certificate ★★
SMS Guard ★★
General Logon

Security tips for mobile banking:

1. The mobile banking interacts with the Bank instantly through closed mobile communication network and transmits data in an encrypted way (adopting SSL encryption algorithm of the standard of the banking industry). Over ten security measures are available to ensure the security of transactions and funds.

2. The function of transfer and remittance via mobile banking must be bundled with the contracted mobile phone number.

3. Please take appropriate sheltering measures when using the mobile banking to avoid others from pee ping.

4. Avoid handling the mobile banking businesses with the mobile phone number of other person.