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Announcement of Industrial Bank on Collecting the Production Cost of IC Debit Card

Dear customers:

We will collect the production cost for new IC cards issued and reissued IC cards at the rate of RMB 20 each card as from January 1, 2014. IC debit cards cover IC card and magnetic strip & IC combi-card.

VIP customers may enjoy the policy of concession/exemption in handling the above businesses, namely diamond, black gold and platinum customers may enjoy the preferential treatment of exemption and gold card customers may enjoy 50% discount. The production cost will not be charged for a wage card or for a cardholder to renew an IC debit card upon maturity.

In accordance with the provisions of the Interim Measures Governing the Service Prices of Commercial Banks, we have reported the charge item of production cost of IC debit card to the regulatory authorities following the given procedure.

If you have any question, opinion or suggestion, please call our customer service hotline 95561 for consulting, or contact with our business outlets.

It is hereby to announce as foregoing!


Industrial Bank

November 12, 2013

To provide personal customers with such financial services as opening and replacing IB debit card. (The production cost for new IC debit cards issued or reissued cards will be collected as from January 1, 2014.)