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Announcement of Industrial Bank 2019 Green Bond Impact Report and Green Bond Certification

In order to fulfill commitments on reporting and external review that are mentioned in the Green Bond Framework for Industrial Bank Co., Ltd., Industrial Bank has drafted the 2019 Green Bond Impact Report, engaged an independent third party to perform an annual review on the use of proceeds and environmental impact of its offshore green bonds, as well as obtained a Post-Issuance Certification from Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI). Industrial Bank hereby publishes the report、annual review report and certifications Industrial Bank has obtained:

1. Industrial Bank 2019 Green Bond Impact Report

2. Sustainalytics’ Annual Review Report to the green bond

3. 2019 Climate Bonds Post-Issuance Certificate Approving Letter

4. 2019 CBI Post-Issuance Verification Letter

For Industrial Bank Green Bond Framework, pre-issuance verification documents and previous annual green bond reports, please refer to Announcement of Industrial Bank Green Bond Framework and Green Bond Certifications

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