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Development Strategy

2016-2020 Development Strategy of Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.

2016-2020 is crucial for China to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, during which finance marketization process will be sped up and finance development pattern will be changed dramatically. Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. needs to take the initiative to adapt to new economic normal and new financial pattern during the "13th Five Years Plan", stick to the operation transformation direction with "light capital & high efficiency", enhance the business capability in settlement, investment and transaction, drive the abreast development of whole finance, industrial and commercial finance, retail finance and asset management finance, endeavor to build a first-class bank group with most comprehensive financial innovation ability and service distinctnesses and continuously move forward to the great goal of "first-class bank, everlasting CIB.

In order to realize the said development goals, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. will follow the long-term strategy of "Services build banks, strictness shapes banks, experts manage banks & technology flourishes banks", center on the core main track of "stabilize the development, guarantee the security, drive the transformation and reinforce the basis", be mainly guided by the "steady and health operation direction, customer foremost concept, business transformation and upgrade, digital finance and reform of systems and mechanisms", focus on rooting in essence of financial services, professional basic ability and internal risk control and management, bring forth new ideas in deep combination of finance and industries, on-line and off-line and platform and traffic, realize breakthroughs in collaborative linkage, digital and smart operation and system and mechanism reform of the Group, give full play to advantages such as complete financial licenses, comprehensive financial advance practice and sharp market command, closely embrace key regions, key industries, key products and key clients, strengthen comprehensive financial services and financial product transaction and circulation, effectively correspond to market-related, dis-intermediated, comprehensive, digital and international complicated change of finance and realize the stable development of high quality, responsibility, content, wisdom and energy.

To be specific, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. will highlight the following efforts:

I. Realize client-centered stable development and actively build core business fields of the Group;

II. Enhance the business ability in settlement, investment and transaction, and perfect the layout of commercial bank, investment bank and asset management business;

III. Accelerate the release of collectivized development capacity and stably propel the internationalized process;

IV. Re-shape steady and healthy compliance culture and intensify all-round internal risk control and management;

V. Reinforce the construction of professional and meticulous ability and improve the middle-ground and backstage management level and guarantee level;

VI. Adhere to being guided by information technologies and speed up the construction of smart bank and digital financial group;

VII. Continuously reform and perfect systems and mechanisms and maintain vitality, impetus and resolution for development.