About IB

Directors, Supervisors and Senior Management

Name Title Gender
Lv Jiajin Chairman of the Board of Directors Male
Chen Yichao Director Male
Li Zhuyong Director Male
Xiao Hong Director Male
Lin Tengjiao Director Male
Tao Yiping Director,President Male
Chen Jinguang Director ,Vice President Male
Chen Xinjian Director ,Vice President, Secretary of the Board of Directors Male
Sun Xiongpeng Director , Vice President Male
Su Xijia Independent Director Male
Lin Hua Independent Director Male
Ben Shenlin Independent Director Male
Xu Lin Independent Director Male
Liu Shiping Independent Director Male
Jiang Yunming Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Male
He Xudong Supervisor Male
Zhang Guoming Supervisor Male
Lai Furong Supervisor Male
Paul M. Theil External Supervisor Male
Zhu Qing External Supervisor Male
Xia Dawei External Supervisor Male