5. After the customer imports the certificate to another computer or the NetShield certificate is shifted to another computer, why is “the page cannot be displayed” prompted when logging on with the certificate.

Possible causes include:

(1) No certificate link is installed in the new computer after replacement.

You can download the “Certificate Link and Signing Control” from the Download Center and install it.

(2) There is a problem in the setting of the IE proxy server, whose “Security” is blank.

You can click on IE Explorer-Internet Options-Connections-Proxy Server Setting to configure the Security the same as other proxies.

(3) There are problems in other settings of IE Explorer.

You can reset IE Explorer to default settings: For IE6, please click “Reset Web Settings” from the “Programs” under IE-Internet Options; for IE7 and above, please click “Reset” under IE-Advanced.

Please also clear the buffer cache: delete history, temporary internet files and cookies in IE-General.