The Industrial Bank (IB) has always placed a priority on the safety of customer transactions and information. It employs as many as twelve considerate and reassuring measures to ensure the safety of Internet Banking.

1st Layer of Protection: Evaluation and certification by a renowned organization

IB's Internet Banking (IB Online) was one of the first internet banking systems to be certified by the China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center . The security of the system meets national-level standards.

2nd Layer of Protection: Protection by certificates of the China Financial Certification Authority

IB's Internet Banking uses third party digital certificates issued by the China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA), the only state-level electronic certification organization in the domestic financial sector. These certificates ensure the security of transactions made in Internet Banking.

3rd Layer of Protection: Prefabricated “NetShield” digital certificate

The portable “NetShield” digital certificate used in IB's Internet Banking is compact, highly portable and protected from duplication. It can efficiently prevent the certificate from being stolen by hackers or Trojans, and is not wiped away if your format your hard drive or reinstall your system. This makes it the highest level of protection in Internet Banking. With a prefabricated certificate, the bank binds the certificate to the customer information in advance. This means that it can be used by the customer straight away.

4th Layer of Protection: SSL 128 bit powerful encryption

IB's Internet Banking employs powerful International-standard encryption so as to ensure the security of all communications.

5th Layer of Protection: Password locking

If a customer inputs the wrong password six times in a row, the system will be automatically locked down to prevent the customer's logon password or account password from being cracked.

6th Layer of Protection: Automatic logout upon timeout

If no operation is made within the space of 15 minutes after the client has logged on to Internet Banking, the system will automatically log off, so as to prevent operation by non-authorized users.

7th Layer of Protection: Portable Genius Messenger

With our SMS notification services, you can monitor your account anytime and in any place. Whenever there is any change to the funds in your account, a text message will be sent to the mobile phone registered by the customer notifying you of the details.

8th Layer of Protection: Safe and stable Genius Safeguard

The Genius Safeguard in the IB's Corporate Internet Banking service provides customers with two kinds of dynamic password verification service, namely text messages and two-dimensional mobile phone codes. A dynamic password is required every for every logon and every transaction in IB's Internet Banking. This ensures the security of transactions.

9th Layer of Protection: Convenient and safe Genius Secretary

The Genius Secretary of IB's Corporate Internet Banking provides customers with services such as the provision of Internet Banking information, notice of instruction flow and notice of preset transfer, enabling the handler to be fully aware of the execution status of instructions, thereby improving the efficiency of instruction flow whilst also ensuring the security of funds.

10th Layer of Protection: Customized multi-tier transaction processes

Customers of Corporate Internet Banking set between 1-5 tiers for their transaction processes. Clients can set multi-tier transaction processes and establish an in-house safety control system according to their requirements. This allows different operators to be assigned different roles and ensures that each transaction is authorized by multiple personnel.

11th Layer of Protection: Intelligent modularized design

An intelligent modularized design concept is adopted in IB's Corporate Internet Banking, which means that different users have access to different functions and interfaces. The prevents erroneous operations and security risks. Namely, the supervisor and the administrator apply system settings in Corporate Internet Banking, and cannot perform specific business transaction, whereas operators handling, recheck and authorization) can only conduct specific transactions, and cannot apply system settings.

12th Layer of Protection: Flexible limit management

IB's Corporate Internet Banking provides customers with flexible limit management. Corporate customers may set the limit for a single transaction and daily transaction limits for their accounts, or set an authorized limit for a single transaction and a daily transaction limit for each operator. By managing the limits, customers can control the capital operation authority of every account and every operator, thus ensuring the security of transactions in Internet Banking.