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1. Platform: An Integrated Service Platform

(1) The Industrial Bank's telephone banking system is a feature-packed service platform boasting a number of highlights. In addition to basic services such as account transfers and enquiries, the Industrial Bank has innovatively added services such as wealth management on behalf of clients and enquiry of internet banking acknowledgements into telephone banking in order to meet a growing client demand for wealth and fund management.

(2) The Industrial Bank's telephone banking service is a personalized platform that is capable of meeting customer demands on a constant basis. A professional-package-based seating system and bank-centralized IVR system allow the service to constantly upgrade its functions according to the needs of the client.

(3)The Industrial Bank's telephone banking system is actually a “flat” product development system that ensures that the needs of clients are met with high efficiency. Seamlessly-linked feedback channels for client cemand and a development and operating system that spans across multiple departments allows the Bank to rapidly identify market trends, respond to customer demands, initiate the continuous development of products and provide the most effective solutions.

2. Team: A Professional Service Team

(1) The Industrial Bank's telephone banking system is backed up by professional personnel to ensure the quality of services. In practice, the Industrial Bank never ceases to analyze its performance and seek improvement. It has established a training system that not only ensures that customers are given top quality services but also links-in with the career development plans of employees. The system includes orientation training, probation training, extended training and position training. Simply dial 95561 to enquire into or handle personal business, credit card business, corporate business and other information services. A full range of professional services are at your command.

(2)The Industrial Bank's telephone banking system employs an advanced service mode that allows for personalized services. It boasts powerful memory function, and can identify a client with a card number, an identification card number or even a mobile phone number provided in advance. From the moment that a client is put through, representatives can analyze the needs of the client by viewing their previous call history. Thus, the client does not have to keep on imputing the same data over and over again. The system can also record special information about clients, such as the best mode of contact, best time of contact and other individual preferences and demands. This way, the system is able to personalize customer services and give full respect to the personal demands of clients.

(3) The telephone banking customer service team is able to provide rapid response and highly efficient services. The one-stop services they provide afford clients with a great deal of convenience. Electronic service processed that run throughout the entire Bank have been established for telephone banking. They allow for the effective coordination of the Bank's service resources so that rapid response to client demands and joint–action are possible.

3. Processes: Standardized Service Processes

(1)Standardized Answering and Outbound Dialing Processes

Standardized answering processes have been designed for telephone banking based on different kinds of business. Key factors essential for controlling the quality of services have also been identified to guarantee quality. Moreover, outbound dialing services are used to introduce new personal financing products to clients, promote special offers and survey customer satisfaction and any requests that they might have in regard to the bank's services. This allows for quick improvements to be made.

(2)Standardized Processes for Service Improvements

The service conducts regular summary and analysis of customer demands which is followed up by prompt development so that the needs and demands of clients are able to be met as soon as is possible.

(3) Standardized Service Supervision to Ensure the Quality of Each Process

The bank has established a background supervision and tracking system that is overseen by dedicated QA personnel to assess the implementation of service processes by client representatives. This ensures that the operations of service providers and quality of the services that they provide are identical.

4. Commitment: Commitment to Dedicated Services

(1) Sincerity

Service Stars with Sincerity. This is the service concept that the Industrial Bank subscribes to, and the one that its telephone banking service has been putting into practice. There is a saying that sincerity is a force powerful enough to break through rock. The Industrial Bank is a sincere service provider that has maintained its commitment to putting clients first and abides by the motto "listen to what clients want, provide what clients need, think what clients think and judge ourselves as clients do”. Moreover, by offering clients excellent services such as “Natural Life”, the telephone banking service fulfills its core value of “mutual growth in development".

(2) Attentiveness

The interests of the client come before anything else. When providing services, no detail is too small. When designing the voice menu for the telephone banking service, the Bank first conducted a thorough analysis of the advantage and disadvantage between its own original menu and its peers'. Guided by the principle of providing the utmost convenience to clients, a huge amount of consideration was given to every detail so that navigation of the menu would seem natural to clients. Moreover, when serving clients, client representatives fully expound all important matters for consideration to ensure that services reach the level of perfection.

(3) Worry-free

The Industrial Bank's telephone banking service provides a wide range of functions and services, including bank-securities transfer, foreign exchange trading, fund business, Ease Fortune, government bond business, Wanlibao, and Wanhuitong. These services eliminate the need to queue-up in a bank outlet, and allow clients to do their banking without even needing to step a foot out of the door.

5. Security: Reassuringly Safe

(1) Safety System Control

In order to control system risks effectively, the Industrial Bank implements a mode of management characterized by centralized planning and centralized development for the telephone banking system. The system has been built to be forward-looking, advanced, usable and safe. In the interests of boosting security, the use of filtering routers and firewall technologies has been opted for. For crucial elements such as facilities and data, backups and redundancy configurations are made. This means that the normal operation of the entire system is not compromised even when a malfunction occurs. All data transmissions are secured with 128-bit key encryption.

(2) Minimizing Operational Risks

Clients are required to sign an agreement over the counter in a Bank outlet before transaction-based services such as account transfers, bill payments, funds, foreign exchange, bank-securities, government bonds and personal financing are available to them in telephone banking. This is in order to express and control risks as much as possible. Clients are required to enter their cash withdrawal password to confirm any transactions that involve changes to accounts. For key procedures in transactions, voiced messages will be repeated and clients are required to press a key to confirm.

(3) Strict System for Internal Control

To effectively protect personal privacy and ensure transaction security, a strict code of internal control and system-level security has been provided for the telephone banking service. All enquiries about account information and transactions require consent from the client before they can be completed. All calls are recorded and a report audit is made for key transactions.