The Industrial Bank is dedicated to providing first rate e-finance services. Guided by the principle of putting clients first, the Bank was among the first in the industry to realize that a change in what clients expected from e-finance had occurred as times progressed. On this basis, the Bank initiated a total overhaul and upgrade of its e-finance services, which culminated in the launch of an integrated e-finance service brand known as the Five-star Navigation.

The “Five Stars” represent the five major strengths that the product and service systems in IB e-finance possess. Specifically, they are:

Platform: An Integrated Service Platform:

In the past, clients demanded normalization and standardization in e-finance services. Today, things are different, and clients now expect a degree of personalization and customization in e-finance services. The Industrial Bank's e-finance is a feature-packed service platform that has been designed on the basis of what clients want. With an effective product development system, it can provide clients with totally customized solutions for e-finance.

Team: A Professional Service Team

The Industrial Bank's e-finance is characterized by its professionalism, one-stop services and intensive application of technology. With a professional service team, a multi-layered service system and a highly efficient service mode, e-finance is able to give rapid response to clients' demands, provide effective guidance for operations and allow clients to do their banking in the most efficient way possible.

Processes: Standardized Service Processes

The service quality at every single link in the chain ultimately determines the user experience that the system provides. The systematic and standardized service processes designed by the Industrial Bank are essential in ensuring the high quality of services. These processes represent service standards and operation guidelines that are used universally throughout the Bank. They consist of standardized service processes in pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services as well as standardized service supervision. They allow for the design of customized service solutions for clients, the provision of systematic guidance, the resolution of problems encountered during use and custom development on the basis of subsequent demands.

Commitment: Commitment to Dedicated Services

Service commitments embody quality services. They allow clients to assess the quality of services that are provided to them. The Industrial Bank has formulated a set of dedicated and transparent service commitments for the effective execution of its standardized service processes. These commitments cover service times, zero distance services and free services, and help us to offer clients sincere, considerate, convenient and first rate e-finance services.

Security: Reassuringly Safe

Safety is the major concern of clients when using e-finance services. The industrial Bank effects a full range of safety management measures that cover network environment, system technology, safety systems, function design and service management in order to ensure the safety of e-finance.

These five aspects, represented by the Five Stars, are all complementary to each other; They come together to constitute a core competitive advantage that allows the Industrial Bank to take the lead in the e-finance market. The integrated service platform is the foundation, the professional service team is the guarantee, the standardized service processes are the roots, the dedicated service commitments are the embodiment and reassuring security is the premise.

In terms of specific electronic network channels, the Five Star Navigation consists of three sub brands: Five Star Navigation for Online IB, referring to a banking product and service system for internet banking; Five Star Navigation for Hotline IB, referring to a banking product and service system for telephone banking; and Five Star Navigation for Wireless IB, referring to a banking product and service system for mobile phone banking.