Five-star Navigation:Online IB

1. Platform: An Integrated Service Platform

(1) The Industrial Bank's internet banking service is a feature-packed service platform boasting a number of highlights that can meet a diverse range of client demands. It is a personalized platform that provides clients with tailor-made banking solutions.

(2) The Industrial Bank's internet banking service is a “flat” product development system that ensures client needs are continually met with high efficiency . The Industrial Bank has established a rolling development mechanism for new products, new functions and new demands that includes s eamlessly-linked feedback channels for client cemand and a development and operating system that spans across multiple departments . These mechanisms allow the Bank to rapidly identify market trends, respond to customer demands, initiate the continuous development of products and provide the most effective solutions.

(3) The Industrial Bank is on the cutting edge of digital banking and is capable of providing clients with highly effective technology development services. The Industrial Bank was the first bank in the industry to realize the total centralization of bank data, and has also successfully launched a next-generation processing system for internet banking that can provide integrated service solutions based on the complex financial management systems and network systems used by clients.

2. Team: A Professional Service Team

(1) “Many-to-One” Team Service

The Industrial Bank's internet banking service is supported by a professional personnel service system that is directly oriented towards clients. For Corporate Clients, a team service is offered that consists of “client manager---specialized personnel for internet banking at sub-branches---product manager of corporate internet banking at branch e-finance centers---e-finance service group at the customer service center (HQ)---and product manager of corporate internet banking of the e-finance department (HQ)”. For Individual Clients, a team service is also offered, consisting of “sub-branch retail teams (clerks, floor manager and a retail client manger)---product manager of personal internet banking at branch e-finance centers---e-finance service group at the customer service center (HQ)---product manager of personal internet banking at the e-finance department (HQ)”.

(2) Professional, All-round Services

The hand-picked professional teams selected for internet banking services not only know all there is to know about the products and functional operations of internet banking, but also boast expertise in the operational systems of corporate finance, systems of financial management as well as the set-up, security and maintenance of networks. It is this level of expertise that allows them to provide a comprehensive range of professional services. The Bank has also formulated multi-dimensional and multi-level training system for service staff that is carried out on a constant basis. This training ensures that the services they provide are professional and in line with expectations.

(3)Efficient Services

Being client-oriented, the Industrial Bank has conducted comprehensive integration and management of the wireless network service channels in e-finance on a centralized basis. With this resource integration, service personnel in internet banking are managed by the e-finance centers in branches and HQ, which operate independently of business and technology departments. Service teams in internet banking are able to provide rapid response and highly efficient services. This allows us to reach our goal of responding to client demands quickly.

3. Processes: Standardized Service Processes

(1)Standardized Processes for Pre-sale Services

For Corporate Clients, in the pre-sale phase, the client manager must, on the basis of marketing, fully understand the usage intentions and initial needs of clients. Specialized personnel for internet banking at sub-branches must conduct effective surveys on early demands, fully understand the financial management processes, internal control system and network conditions in the enterprise, and work out a customized service program. For the customized demands of major clients, a report must be submitted and a service scheme determined through discussion with the product manager of corporate internet banking at the branch or HQ. For Individual Clients, in the pre-sale phase, sub-branch retail service teams must take the initiative to introduce and promote personal internet banking services during the client's first visit to the Bank. The product manager of personal internet banking at the branch e-finance center must conduct analysis on the usage intentions and early demands of different client groups in his or her district and track the operational status of telecommunication networks in the region so that a sound environment for internet banking can be provided.

(2)Standardized Processes for In-sale Services

For Corporate Clients, in the in-sale phase, internet banking service personnel must accompany clients in opening an account, and personally install and set-up the operation system for internet banking for the client. Furthermore, they are required to walk company financial staff through their first online enquiry and payment and go over security issues. The aim of such demonstrations is to familiarize clients with the basic functions and operations of internet banking. In addition to the above, service staff are also expected to optimize the internet settings of client computer systems so as to improve the operation of internet banking. For Individual Clients, during the in-sale phase, guidance for account opening, certificate installation and safety operations can be obtained through multiple channels, including the sub-branch retail service teams, the product manager of personal internet banking at branch e-finance centers and the e-finance service hotline of HQ. Service personnel provide specific and systematic guidance so that clients can become familiar with internet banking as soon as possible.

(3)Standardized Processes for After-sales Services

For Corporate Clients, in the after-sales phase, the specialized personnel for internet banking at sub-branches are required to report the list of clients to the branch e-finance center and keep in close touch with clients during the early stages over the telephone or by making visits in person to ascertain whether or not clients are experiencing problems, and if so, provide the necessary professional advice. As clients continue to use the service, specialized personnel are required to ensure that clients are contacted on a regular basis, visit the client to gather feedback, collect information on further client demands and report to product managers in the branch and HQ so that solutions to client problems can be made as required. For Individual Clients, in the after-sale phase, sub-branch retail service teams, the product manager of personal internet banking at the branch e-finance center and the e-finance service hotline of HQ provide clients with professional guidance at any time in regard to any problems that might have been encountered during the use of internet banking. Service personnel also make a record of the problem encountered and how it was addressed. Product managers of personal internet banking at branches and HQ are required to conduct regular analysis and discussions so that constant improvements to products and services can be made on the basis of client demands and needs.

4. Commitment: Commitment to Dedicated Services

(1) Service Time Commitment

The Industrial Bank guarantees that its internet banking service is available to clients on an uninterrupted 24X7 hours basis. The Bank guarantees that the installation of software and training of company staff for corporate internet banking will be completed within three days of the account having been opened. It also guarantees that a return phone call or personal visit to collect feedback will be made at some time during the first week of use, and that following this, return phone calls or visits in person will be made once per month on a fixed basis. For time-sensitive services, the Industrial Bank makes announcements regarding the times when such services are available, and is accountable to clients.

(2) Zero Distance Service Commitments

The Industrial Bank makes a number of phone lines for enquiries, services and complaints at different levels known to the public, including the branch e-finance center service number, customer service hotline (95561) at HQ and the enquiry & complaints e-mail address in the Bank's website. Each client of internet banking can choose the relevant service telephone line based on their specific problems and circumstances. The Bank implements a system in which the first person that is asked by a client takes responsibility for answering. This means that client demands can be responded to faster. In some cases, visits from service staff will also be made.

(3) Free Service Commitments

For Corporate Clients, the Industrial Bank promises to provide target clients with free services, including free internet service scheme design, free on-site installation of internet banking certificate, free operational demonstrations and user guides, free network safety checks, free optimization of network settings and free maintenance and troubleshooting on-site. For Individual Clients, the Industrial Bank promises to provide clients with free installation guidance for internet banking certificate (remote) as well as free usage guidance.

5. Security: Reassuringly Safe

(1) The Industrial Bank has established a sophisticated electronic system for production safety. “Online IB” is one of the first internet banking systems in China to have passed the safety assessment of the China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center. The Industrial Bank has made substantial investments in electronic security systems. In addition to advanced firewall technologies, the Bank has adopted a number of safeguards such as access control, one-time password authentication mechanisms, dynamic image “extra-code" function, intrusion detection and user-level access control technology. This means that the system can effectively eliminate the possibility of malicious attack from illegal users both externally and internally. “Online IB” adopts third-party digital certificates issued by CFCA, which is the only state-level electronic authentication organization in China's financial sector. The confidentiality, authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of internet transactions are soundly assured by this technology. The Industrial Bank also provides “NetShield" mobile certificates, which can guard against certificate theft by hackers or Trojan viruses and are not affected by the formatting of hard disks or the reinstallation of the operating system.

(2) The Industrial Bank has established strict measures for operation monitoring and management. The Bank has formulated an emergency response plan for its internet banking service and drills are held on a regular basis. This ensures that a rapid emergency response can be made in the event that the internet banking system experiences a force majeure event, software of hardware failure or data loss. The routine monitoring of key facilities and the network have been strengthened, and audit logs of monitoring systems are examined in a timely manner to enhance the early warning and prevention capacities. To guard against possible risks, the Industrial Bank was the first in the industry to establish mechanisms for the real time monitoring of huge or unusual transactions and client return visit system.

(3) The Industrial Bank has established strict security control measures and an early warning system on the client end. Unique intelligent technology for modularization design which can automatically allocate different operating interfaces and operational content for different clients to avoid erroneous operation has been adopted. In addition, the Industrial Bank also provides clients with a set of rigorous but flexible systems for access control. Corporate clients can, based on their own needs, set-up business processes, operators' roles, access clearance, limits on individual transactions and limits on daily transactions. This constitutes an effective set of mechanisms for internal control. Individual clients can, based on their needs, set-up service access clearance, activate message services, set limits on individual transactions and limit the total of daily transactions. Moreover, the system will automatically log users off when a certain time limit has elapsed without any action having been made, and “Smart Messenger” provides early warning safeguards such as notification of all account transaction information and prompts regarding large payments and balance, which are sent to you immediately. These services set your mind at ease as you bank online.