Five-star Navigation:Wireless IB

1. Platform: An Integrated Service Platform

(1) The Industrial Bank's mobile phone banking service is a fully integrated platform for banking on-the-go. Feature-packed, full of highlights and catering to a wide variety of client demands, the service is among the very best in the industry. Services available include enquiries, transfers, bill payment and loss reporting for wealth management cards, enquiries and self-service payment for credit cards as well as a range of mobile wealth management services such as Ease Fortune, government bonds, wealth management, fund businesses, foreign exchange services, third-party depository, gold trading, insurance and futures. The platform is also vigorously engaged in providing mobile stock services. By integrating top class content from the wireless internet, the platform provides value-added services such as financial & economic news, travel and business services, wealth management tools and unlimited searches.

(2) The Industrial Bank's mobile phone banking service is a “flat” product development system that ensures customer needs are met with high efficiency. Seamlessly-linked feedback channels for client demands, rolling development mechanisms for new products, new functions and new demands, and a development and operating system that spans across multiple departments allow the bank to stay in touch with the market, identify and react to client needs, initiate the continuous development of products and provide effective service solutions.

(3) The Industrial Bank's mobile phone banking service is a hi-tech service platform. Mainstream wireless communications technology has been used to establish a basic platform that integrates WAP mobile phone banking, KJAVA mobile phone banking, an SMS platform and a mobile phone merchant platform. It is this platform that makes fully integrated mobile finance a reality. Cutting-edge technologies are used for the constant innovation and enhancement of the functions and services that the platform provides.

2. Team: A Professional Service Team

(1) The Industrial Bank's mobile phone banking service is supported by a professional personnel service system that is directly oriented towards clients. This team consists of “sub-branch retail teams” (clerks, lobby manager and a retail client manger), the product manager of mobile phone banking at branch e-finance centers, the e-finance service group at the customer service center (HQ) and the product manager of mobile phone banking at the e-finance department (HQ)”. It is able to provide clients with “many-to-one” service and thus meets client demands for mobile banking on a number of different levels.

(2) The Industrial Bank has established a wide array of service teams for mobile phone banking that operate at different levels. These teams provide mobile phone banking clients with a comprehensive range of professional services. Hand-picked professional teams selected for mobile phone banking services are not only well versed in the general knowledge, products and functional operations of mobile phone banking but are also experts in the set-up, security and maintenance of wireless networks. A multi-level training system that is carried out continuously has been formulated for service personnel. Sound training ensures that the services they provide are professional and in line with expectations.

(3) The Industrial Bank's mobile phone banking customer service team is able to provide rapid response and highly efficient services. They provide clients of mobile phone banking with zero distance services. Being client-oriented, the Industrial Bank has conducted comprehensive integration and management of the wireless network service channels in e-finance on a centralized basis. With this resource integration, service personnel in mobile phone banking are managed by the e-finance centers in branches and HQ, which operate independently of business and technology departments. Therefore, the distance between clients and service personnel is minimized. Service teams in mobile phone banking are able to provide rapid response and highly efficient services. This allows us to reach our goal of responding to client demands quickly.

3. Processes: Standardized Service Processes

(1)Standardized Processes for Pre-sale Services

Sub-branch retail service teams are required to master the use of the Industrial Bank's mobile phone banking service system, fully understand the current business processes in mobile phone banking and be well-versed in the use of built-in functions and related network knowledge. They are also required to take the initiative in introducing and marketing mobile phone banking from the moment that a client first begins using the service. Service personnel answer any questions that clients might have in detail, give demonstrations of how to use mobile phone banking functions, provide clients with materials that introduce mobile phone banking and assist clients in activating extra functions. The product manager of mobile phone banking at branch e-finance centers is required to conduct regular market surveys to ascertain client needs and demands, and is also required to compile information on special circumstances that clients have experienced during the use of the service and then report to superiors quickly.

(2)Standardized Processes for In-sale Services

Clients are free to choose to open an account under the guidance of a sub-branch retail service team or by themselves. Other members of the service team of the Industrial Bank's mobile phone banking service provide remote service support for the mobile phone banking system. If a client encounters difficulty in logging-on to mobile phone banking, service personnel will assist the client in checking mobile phone settings and providing other advice. While instructing clients how to master the basic operations of mobile phone banking, service personnel also provide useful safety tips.

(3)Standardized Processes for After-sales Services

The service teams in the Industrial Bank's mobile phone banking service take the initiative in helping clients to solve problems that they have encountered. They provide timely and professional guidance for clients and record the nature of the problems and how they were handled. Service personnel are required to give immediate answers to client questions. For customer feedback, service personnel are required to report to superiors if they are unable to address the issue themselves. Problems will be solved in their entirety by more senior personnel. The product manager of mobile phone banking at the e-finance department (HQ) is required to conduct regular discussions and analysis in regard to services, and make constant improvements to products and services on the basis of client needs and demands.

4. Commitment: Commitment to Dedicated Services

(1) Service Time Commitments

The Industrial Bank guarantees that its mobile phone banking service is available to clients on an uninterrupted 24X7 hours basis. For time-sensitive services, the Industrial Bank makes announcements regarding the times when such services are available, and is accountable to clients. The Bank promises to respond to client feedback and opinions and take the necessary action within a stipulated period of time.

(2) Direct Service Commitments

The Bank makes phone numbers for enquiries, services and complaints regarding mobile phone banking known to the public, including the service telephone number for the branch e-finance center, the customer service hotline (95561) at HQ and the enquiry & complaints e-mail address in the Bank's website. Through these channels, clients can get the information that they need and make enquiries at any time. The Bank implements a system in which the first person that is asked by a client takes responsibility for answering. This means that client demands can be responded to faster. In some cases, visits from service staff will also be made.

(3) Free Service Commitments

The Industrial Bank promises to provide clients with free mobile phone banking services, free demonstrations and usage guides, free advice on setting up and optimizing network settings and free troubleshooting on a remote basis. The Bank's commitment to free services means that mobile phone banking can offer clients value-added services that go far beyond expectations.

5. Security: Reassuringly Safe

(1) Safe Production and Operational Environment

Externally, major information transfers in mobile phone banking are made via an exclusive wireless communications network on a closed channel. This ensures that that service is safe from hackers and viruses. Internally, the Industrial Bank has established a sound code, environment and system for safe production. An operation environment for secure mobile phone banking and a series of rigorous measures to monitor and manage operations have been established to ensure the security and stability of the mobile phone banking system. .

(2) Sound Policies for System Security

Advanced firewall technologies are adopted for the system. Through effective security means such as access control, intrusion detection, server-side certificate authorization and dynamic image “extra-code” function, the Industrial Bank's mobile phone banking service can effectively eliminate the possibility of malicious attack from illegal users both externally and internally. Industry standard data encryption means and policies are also used. To safeguard the security of data transmission, WAP mobile phone banking adopts 128-bit SSL encryption, KJAVA mobile phone banking uses safe end-to-end RSA encryption and key fields such as a card numbers and passwords have multiple encryptions. Bank card numbers, passwords and transaction data are all stored on the Bank's servers and no such information is retained on the client's mobile phone. This means that client information cannot be leaked. Moreover, safety mechanisms are adopted for the system such as automatic log-off after a certain period of time and no repetitive inputs within a short period of time. Early warning functions such as account transaction notification, large payment prompt and balance prompt are provided in the “Smart Messenger”. Clients can set their minds at ease for the details of any account transaction will be sent to their mobile phone immediately.

(3) Strict Strategies for Service Safety

Banking services that are in accord with the operation and safety features of mobile phone banking are chosen. Clients can set transaction limits for each function by themselves. Enquiry services and wealth management card services are available to clients after they have registered for the mobile phone banking service through the mobile phone bank or the internet bank. For fund transaction functions, clients are required to sign an agreement over the counter at a Bank branch or online in the internet bank after having logged-on with a certificate before access is granted.