Function Introduction


 My Corporate Banking: Providing corporate customers with custom settings for transactions and operations.

Operator management: Provides a standardized operator management system that allows the user to administer operators and their level of authority.

Transaction process management: Provides diverse transaction process schemes, allowing clients to modify operation processes with a high degree of flexibility.

Voucher management: Allows the user to define the way vouchers are generated.

Account authority management: Provides custom account authority management that allows different authority to be set for different accounts.

SMS services: Provides clients with notification services such as “Smart Messenger”, “Smart Secretary” and “Smart Safeguard”.

Other system certificate management: Provides operator management and authority setting for Fumanjin System.

Account inquiry: Providing corporate customers with a powerful account inquiry function that supports both local and foreign currency accounts.

Current account inquiry: Real-time balance inquiry for current accounts in both local and foreign currency.

Transaction history inquiry: Check the transaction history of current accounts in both local and foreign currency.

Fixed account inquiry: Inquiry of detailed information on all fixed accounts.

Loan account inquiry: Inquiry of detailed information on all loan accounts.

Bank acceptance inquiry: Inquiry of detailed information on all bank acceptances.

Customs payment inquiry: Inquiry of customs payment quotas and history of customs payment transactions.

Corporate account checking: Provides online Bank/company account checking, supporting checking of account balance and transaction details.

Corporate treasury: Providing corporate customers with considerate payment and settlement functions, including: external payment, salary payment and expense management, batch instructions, preset payment, liquidation and remittance of securities capital.

Payment instruction: Provides services such as external payment, internal transfer, allocation of group funds and management of frequently used corporate accounts.

Expense management: Supports the payment of daily expenses, such as travel expenses, from the corporate account to a personal account opened at IB or a different bank.

Salary payment: Supports the payment of salaries from the company the personal accounts of employees opened at IB.

Batch instructions: Supports external payments and expense management in batches.

Print customer receipt: Allows for the printing of Internet remittance receipts online.

Batch collection: Batch collection from a payer by means of settlement in Internet Banking.

Preset payment: Supports external payment or internal transfer as per a predetermined frequency and amount.

Liquidation and remittance of securities capitals: Provides settlement participants such as securities companies with the function of capital remittance and transfer between the customer account, the provisions account the temporary deposit account for new shares and the special account for offline offering of the China Securities Depository and Clearing Company Limited.

UFIDA product cashier: Provides a payment function for customers purchasing “IB- UFIDA” bank-corporate interconnected products.

Corporate wealtn management: Providing corporate customers with a range of wealth management functions, such as fixed/current account conversion, bank/securities transfer, precious metal trading, fund investment, intelligent notice deposit, and the sale of wealth management products.

Fixed/current account conversion: Allows transfers between current deposits and fixed deposits and between current deposits and notice deposits.

Bank/securities transfer: Provides bank/securities transfer of settlement funds from securities trading under the escrow mode.

Precious metal trading: Supports the inquiry of information on precious metal trading, inquiry of market information and transaction declaration.

Fund investment: Provides functions such as fund account opening, fund purchasing, fund subscription, fund redemption and fund information inquiry.

Intelligent notice deposit: Converts current account deposits into notice deposit as per agreement. If the capital kept on notice for seven days, interest will be calculated at the rate for seven-day notice deposits; if it is withdrawn within seven days, the interest will be calculated at the rate for one-day notice deposit.

Sale of wealth management products: Provides the functions of online purchasing, subscribing and redemption of wealth management products and inquiry of wealth management information.

Virtual sub-accounts: Allows corporate customers to establish and manage virtual sub-accounts for subsidiaries without the credentials to open a bank account.

Virtual sub-accounts management: Allows virtual sub-accounts to be established under the header account. Funds in the header account can be managed on a categorized basis.

Inquiry of virtual sub-accounts: supports balance inquiry and transaction details inquiry of virtual sub-accounts.

Sub-account payment center: Allows for the external payment, expense management, internal transfer and adjustment of virtual sub-accounts.

Group services: Provides group customers with services such as the collection, uniform payment, allocation, inquiry and internal management of members’ capital.

Group account management: Provides the function of defining the mode of collection, internal interest rate and limit control of subsidiary accounts.

Account inquiry: Supports inquiry of account balance, transaction details and internal fund flows of the accounts of group members.

Capital collection: Provides a variety of ways of collecting funds from member organizations, such as collection by single transaction, timed collection, fixed-sum collection, fixed-sum management and collection by multiple transactions.

Payment by the settlement center: Provides the function of external payment from the sub-accounts or the settlement center account; operators at subsidiaries can be authorized to conduct external payments from the subsidiaries through Internet Banking.

Capital allocation: Supports the allocation of internal capital allocation between the settlement center account and sub-accounts. The modes of allocation include allocation by transaction and allocation in batches

Calculation of account interest: Interest calculation for the sub-accounts within the group.

Counter payment channel: Allows subsidiaries to make payments over the bank counter.

Electronic bills: Provides corporate customers with services such as issuing, transfer by endorsement, discount, pledge, presentment for payment, resourcing and liquidation of electronic bills.

Bill issuing: Supports the online application of electronic bank acceptance and electronic trade acceptance.

Transfer by endorsement: Supports the online transfer of electronic bills.

Discount and pledge: Allows for the online application of financing business such as discount and pledge.

Presentment for payment: Send online presentment for payment to the acceptor (payer) and request the acceptor (payer) to pay.

Resourcing: Where bill payments cannot be collected, the function of online resourcing to the remote holder or other bill actors is provided.

Liquidation: As for resourcing requests, the function of online agreement for liquidating bill payments is provided.

EASYTRADE: Providing corporate customers with online international business services

Letter of credit business: Provides services like self-service editing of application for L/C, application for import L/C issuing and modification, arrival notice, payment confirmation and payment notice under import L/C, export L/C incoming and modification notice, mailing notice and receiving notice under incoming export L/C, agency preparation of export document template and agency preparation of document etc.

Collection business: Provides services such as mailing and remittance collection notification for export collection, as well as incoming document notification, payment confirmation and payment notice for import collection.

Remittance business: Provides services such as remittance application and remittance notice.

Bond business: Services such as application for opening and modifying bonds, and bond notice.

Online and telephone consultation services by document exports: Provide online consultation with document experts and instant consultation by IP telephone.

Online inquiry: Allows for the online inquiry and tracking of transaction processing and online inquiry of information relating to previous transactions.

Trade finance: Provide services of outward documentary bill, application for payment by documentary bill, payment notice, application for online FORFEITING business, application for online delivery guarantee and notice of shipping guarantee.

Interbank account management: Provides corporate customers with real time interbank payment and inquiry of account information.

Interbank account inquiry: Provide balance inquiry and transaction details inquiry of contracted interbank accounts.

Real-time collection: Provide real-time collection from contracted interbank accounts.

Custody Expert: Provides corporate customers with custody business for securities investment funds and trust products.

Customer services: Provides corporate customers with services such as account authority inquiry, operator authority inquiry, corporate information modification, password modification and operator log inquiry.

Member Area: Provides corporate customers with excellent corporate membership services like Internet Banking community, clubs, membership grade and point management. Function list

My Corporate Banking;    Account inquiry;    Corporate Financial Room;    Corporate Financing;    Group services;    Virtual sub-accounts;    Electronic bills;    IB Document Expert;    Escrow Expert;    Interbank account management;     Customer services;    Member Area