Smart Guard

When an operator seeks access to the Internet Banking service, the Smart Guard efficiently controls the logon and payment process by means of text message alerts, dynamic password verification by text message and dynamic password verification by mobile phone. After the operator of Institutional Internet Banking activates the Smart Guard service, the system will require the customer to verify a dynamic password during every critical operation in Internet Banking. The operator of Institutional Internet Banking may obtain the code for dynamic verification by means of text message or dynamic mobile phone password software. The code for dynamic verification is only valid once and there is a time limit.

The Smart Guard service includes:

• Dynamic password verification when logging on to Institutional Internet Banking

When the operators of the Institutional Internet Banking log on the Institutional Internet Banking, a dynamic password is required in addition to the operator's password and the certificate.

• Dynamic password verification for certificate signature of the Institutional Internet Banking:

When the authorizing personnel in the Institutional Internet Banking authorize Internet Banking transactions, a dynamic password will be required in addition to certificate verification.

• Notice on logon failure

When an operator of Institutional Internet Banking inputs the logon password incorrectly three times in a row, the Internet Banking system will send a notice of logon failure to the mobile phone of the operator.

• Other SMS notice services to enhance the security of Corporate Internet Bnking.