Prefabricated NetShield

About Prefabricated NetShield Certificates

Digital certificates are the “safety door” and “anti-theft lock” of Internet Banking. They represent a security protection measure for Internet Banking used worldwide. They are the equivalent of an “electronic Internet ID certificate”, and can effectively safeguard the funds of customers.

Third party digital certificates are issued and certified by an authoritative third party that is independent from the two parties to a banking transaction. With guaranteed authority and impartiality, it can efficiently ensure the authenticity of the transaction parties and the privacy and non-repudiation of transactions. At present, IB uses the third party digital certificates issued by the China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA), the only state-level electronic certification organization in the domestic financial sector, to identify and certify customers in Internet Banking.

Prefabricated NetShield certificates are prefabricated digital certificates adopting a USBKEY storage medium jointly launched by IB and CFCA. When a client applies for a USBKEY, the bank binds the customer information to a prefabricated certificate, which is then issued to the client. Compared to a traditional NetShield certificate, prefabricated NetShield certificates do not require the customer to download the digital certificate. This simplifies the operation procedure.


• Two-way verification guarantees security

Two-way ID verification is performed between the banking system and the digital certificate. Transaction instructions are given a digital signature and protected by powerful encryption, preventing the threat of hackers, phishing websites and Trojans. This ensures the safety of capital.

• One “shield” per operator ensures security

Each operator in the Institutional Internet Banking can be bound to a prefabricated NetShield, and operators can only logon to Internet Banking with their own NetShield. This distinction ensures the safety of operations in Institutional Internet Banking.

• Portable storage and easy “NetShield”

Portable and compact, the prefabricated NetShield certificate can be carried around like a key. What's more, the certificate cannot be copied, and will not be affected if you format your hard disk or reinstall your system. It is the highest level of protection in Internet Banking.

• Simple process and convenient use

With a prefabricated NetShield certificate, the certificate has been stored in the USBKEY in advance. This means that the client is not required to download the certificate. All the client has to do is install the required management software. This means that the entire process is simple and easy.

Additional services

• Expiration reminder and online extension

Within three months prior to the expiration of the certificate, the bank will automatically give a reminder of the date of expiration when clients logon to internet banking with the prefabricated NetShield certificate. Clients can extend the period of validity online.

• Management tool for prefabricated NetShield

The management tool for prefabricated NetShield provides more convenient services, such as Internet Banking logon, certificate review, certificate download and NetShield password modification. The management tool for prefabricated NetShield may be downloaded in the Download Center of IB's website.

Tips for digital certificate security

☆ Manage your certificate password properly

■ Prior to the use of the digital certificate, the customer should set a certificate password. Passwords should be a combination of digits, capital letters and lower-case letters. Avoid using birthdays, names, addresses or other easily guessed information as the password.

■ Keep the password confidential. Never give your certificate or password away to anyone, and avoid disclosing your ID number, account number or password to others.

■ If the certificate password is disclosed for any reason, the customer should immediately apply to have the certificate cancelled and apply for a replacement certificate.

☆ Identify the website

■ Identify the website of IB: We recommended that you add IB's website into your favorites folder and visit the site from there, Try not to click on any supposed links the site in other websites.

■ When shopping online, please make online payments at trusted and well-known online stores. While inputting your card number and password in the page for online payment and transaction, please confirm the address in the address field of the browser is IB's address.

☆ Ensure the computer system is safe

■ Set a logon password for Windows, enable the firewall in Windows XP and newer systems, and disable the remote logon function.

■ Regularly download and install the latest security patches for your operating system and the browser.

■ Install anti-virus software and firewall software, and upgrade regularly.

■ Turn off the internet connection or the computer itself if you do not intend to make any operations for a period of time.

☆ Enhance the safety consciousness

■ Do not use the certificate in public areas or on a public network.

■ When logging out of Internet Banking or leaving the computer for a moment, remember to disconnect the NetShield and take it with you. Do not leave it in the computer.

■ We recommend that you close all other browser windows when using Internet Banking, as hostile codes contained in some websites might be able to extract information from your computer.

■ Check and verify your transaction history on Internet Banking regularly.