Function Introduction

“Smart Messenger” Services Notification of account change When you conduct salary payment, collection, transfer, or investment and wealth management business, the system will inform you of the fund status of the current account via a prompt SMS message.
Notice on failure of automatic deduction Once the automatic deduction the customer sets at the bank fails, the system will give a timely notice so as to help the customer make the right response immediately.
Notification of due loans When a loan that you have applied for from the bank is scheduled to mature within one week, the system will send a text message to you, which will help you to avoid the risk of penalty interest on overdue loans.
Notification of balance exceeding limit When your account balance is higher or lower (or equal to) than upper or lower limit that you have preset, the system will send you a message of notification.
Interactive message

Send “11 plus the last four digits of the account" to a special message service number to check the balance of the RMB current account.

Send “12 plus the last four digits of the account” to a special message service number to check the last three transactions of the account on the present day.

Send “00 plus the last four digits of the account” to a special message service number to deactive “Smart Messenger” service.

Balance notification The system will send a text message notification of the account balance at the end of the day (20:00) when there has been account activity or at the end of Friday (if there has been no account activity).
Text Message Services for Corporate Online Banking “SMS Guard” Service To secure the operator’s access to Online Banking, when Corporate Online Banking is logged onto and instructions are generated, the Online Banking system will send a text message verification code to operators who have activated the “SMS Guard” service, or will require the operator to type in the password generated by the dynamic mobile phone password verification software, so as to enhance the safety of Online Banking services.
“Smart Secretary” Service First, to reduce pauses during the instruction relay process, the system will give timely notification to the next person in the chain to increase efficiency. Second, the system will send the execution results of instructions to the operator by SMS so that the operator can stay up to date on the latest status. The “Smart Secretary” services also include information notifications for Online Banking, sending any new information on a timely basis from the Information Center of Online Banking to the operator in the form of a text message.
Text Message Services for EASYTrade Text Message Service of EASYTrade In the form of a text message, the system will notify the customer of the status of document processing at the bank via SMS. The scope of business for notifications includes importing business, exporting business, security bond business and public business.