1. Account Information

2. Password Management

• Modify inquiry password  • Set/modify the transaction password  • Set the transaction password for consumption

3. Management of Personal Information

· Inquire about and modify the billing address  • Modify other information

4. Account Statement

• Inquire about the coming statement  • Inquire about the previous record    • Inquire about the statement date  • Download PDF statement 

• Statement delivery method

5. Apply for a New Card  

· Apply for a principal card

6. Cash Advancement via Internet Banking

• Introduction of cash advancement via Internet banking  • Handle intra-bank cash advancement  • Handle inter-bank cash advancement

7. Statement Installments

• Introduction of statement installments  • Handle statement installments • Inquiry about statement installments

8. Consumption Installments

• Introduction of consumption installments  • Handle consumption installments  • Inquire about consumption installments

9. Online Payment

• Inquire about online payment function  • Activate/close online payment function  • Set the limit for online payment  • Set the preset cipher

 • Inquire about online payment details  • 3D verification

10. Inquiry about Rewarded Points

• Inquire about dividend points  • Inquire about the details of dividend points

11. Transaction SMS Notification

12. Setting Automatic Repayment Relation

13. Repayment with Purchased Foreign Exchange

• Set functions  • Inquire about foreign exchange purchase

14. Withholding and Agency Payment

• Inquire about withholding list  • Agency payment for mobile phone numbers in Fujian  • Agency payment for utility charges in Shanghai

15. Inquiry about Information of Another Bank's Account

•  Inquire about information of another bank's account  • Inquire about the inquiry agreement on another bank's account  • Sign inquiry agreement on another bank's account

16. Adjustment to Limit for Additional Card