【About Logon】

Question: The personal internet banking logon system always indicates: the extracode is invalid. Or a notice is given immediately after logon: please logon again since you have stopped operation for too long a time.

Answer: If it always indicates invalid extracode, please delete Cookies in “Option”->“Internet Option”.

Question: What are the logon methods for personal internet banking? How to change the method?

Answer: The personal internet banking provides four logon methods. (1) Customer ID: You may log on the internet banking system with the internet banking customer ID (8-digit number) generated by the system randomly; (2) Bank account number: You may log on the internet banking system with any of the account numbers under your customer ID; (3) Self-defined logon name: You may log on the internet banking system with a logon name defined by yourself; (4) Mobile phone number: You may log on the internet banking system with your mobile phone number. The four logon methods are not conflict with each other and a customer is not required to designate one from them. The personal internet banking system can be logged on in any of the four methods.

Question: Which browsers can be used to visit the personal internet banking of IB?

Answer: You may visit the personal internet banking of IB via the following browsers:

1. Internet Explorer (IE) version 6.0-9.0. In order to have a better visit experience, we recommend you to use IE version 8.0.

2. 360 browser, Sogou browser, and QQ browser with IE 6.0-9.0 as the core.

3. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, etc. At present, the above browsers don't support the Webprotect digit certificate signature.

4. iPad: The personal internet banking system may be logged on via the Safari browser of iPad. If a user uses Webprotect, functions including transfer, fees payment, payment, and function setup cannot be handled.

Question: It reminds “sorry, your encryption widget is not activated” when I visit the logon page of personal internet banking.

Answer: It probably because the internet does not function well or the internet accessing speed is too slow, so please refresh the webpage or try it again later.

Question: What can I do if it returns to the logon page when I am logging on or using the personal internet banking?

Answer: Such problems are generally caused by the change in IP addresses of customers. In order to guarantee the security of transactions via internet banking system by customers, the Bank, according to the relevant regulatory provisions of the People’s Bank of China, requires customers to log on the internet banking system again if their IP addresses change during the process of using internet banking. If any customer often encounters the situation, the following methods may be tried: 1. In the case of accessing internet via a proxy server, it is recommended to fix the IP address of the proxy server. 2. If the IP address changes due to the line adjustment of relevant network operator, it is required to contact the network operator to solve the problem. 3. Another network environment may be tried.