【Q&A on e-family wealth plan】

Q: what is the e - family wealth plan

The "e-family wealth plan" is a whole package service for the overall management of your whole family's bankcards and family balance sheet, which include personalized online financial planning, and updates on financial products. Through "the e-family wealth plan", the client can not only have the overall view of their family assets and liabilities charts, the family income and expense trends charts, but also mobilize and allocate family funds from different banks. Through all this, the clients can really in charge of their families' financial situations.

Q: what is the e - family main account?

A:the system will automatically recognize one of your wealth management card as your family main account. You can connect other accounts as the family sub account to check all family account's balance, turn over or transfer of funds.

Q: what is the e - family sub account?

A:It is the account connected to the e-family main account, after successfully connecting , the main family account can directly track the balance and statements of the sub account.

Q:how to maintain the e - family account?


1.At the first time you use the e-family wealth plan, the system will automatically add all accounts under your personal electric banking account into the family wealth plan. In the process of using, there are three ways of operating.

1)manual delete: delete main and sub accounts manually.

2)add through the trans-bank agreements: add other banks accounts from the agreement list.

3)add through electric banking account: add from the card list from the electric banking account.

Q:after deleting the e-family wealth account, the relationship with the main account also get deleted?

After deleting the e-family wealth account, the relationship with the main account remains, the client can conduct further operations at the personal electric banking fund management menu.

Q:on the day of connecting the accounts, why can't I see the charts?

A:the clients can check the wealth charts after two days of connecting the accounts

Q:what contents does the family assets and liabilities chart includes?


1.The family assets chart includes information about demand deposits, time deposits, wealth management products, treasury bonds, funds, precious metals, third party trust, and other assets. The number of "other assets" under the industrial bank account can be manually changed. The other categories are determined automatically by the system. The numbers from other categories of other banks, besides "demand accounts balance", can all be manually changed.

2.The family liabilities chart includes information about home mortgages, business loans, entrustment loans, collateral loans, and consumer loans, other loans, monthly credit card statement, other liabilities. At the industrial bank account, except "other liabilities" which can be manually changed, the number of other categories is automatically decided by the system. At other banks account, the number of all the categories can be manually changed.

Q: W hat does the e-family income and expense trend charts includes?


1.Daily income and expense trend charts: the latest 15 daily income and expenses trend charts.

1.Monthly income and expense trend charts: the latest 13 monthly income and expenses trend charts.

Q: D oes the e-family wealth plan provide chart for individual accounts?

A: The e-family wealth plan provides chart for individual accounts.

Q: W hat is the e-family wealth plan update frequency?

A: The family assets, liability, wealth, income and expense trends provided by the e-family wealth plan are for reference purposes only, the statistics are not real time, please check the "time of statistics" for more detailed information.

Q: H ow does the family wealth plan recommend products?

A: The e-family wealth plan recommends funds or other wealth management products based on the risk preference and investment period provided by the client, combined with the family's assets and liabilities situations. Due to all kinds of limitations, we cannot guarantee the results we produce are 100% in line with our clients' real financial situations. Therefore, the products recommended to the clients are for reference purposes only, and must not be considered as investment advice.