【About NetShield】

Question: How can I use a pre-fabricated NetShield?

Answer: Download the pre-fabricated NetShield management software from the “Download Center” at the homepage of IB, install it and set a NetShield password. Open the IB NetShield management tool (double-click the IB icon on the system tray at the right lower corner of the screen), and click the menu “logon internet banking”.

Question: After the installation of KB977377 and 971737 patches, will they impact the use of internet banking certificate?

Answer: According to the announcement for KB977377 (description of patch: substitute method for server administrator to install prohibiting TLS and SSL re-negotiation) and KB971737 (description of patch: Installation of the updated program is helpful to strengthen identity verification credentials under some special circumstances), IB suggests customers not to install the above patches. If you have installed them, please delete them with the function “add/delete program” in the WINDOWS operating system and then re-start the computer to log on to IB internet banking again.

Question: When the internet transaction requires certificate signature, the system indicates “error information: the object does not support this feature or method; prompt: maybe the control is not installed or not installed correctly, please sign after installing it.”

Answer: A possible cause is that the installation of the certificate chain and signature control fails or is damaged. You may download “certificate chain and signature control” from the “Download Center” at the homepage and install it again.

Question: When I import my NetShield certificate to another computer, the system indicates “ the page cannot be displayed”.

Answer: There are three possible causes:

(1) After changing the computer, the certificate chain is not installed in the new computer. You may download the “certificate chain and signature control” from the “Download Center” and install it.

(2) There may be some problems in the setup of your IE proxy server, and the “Security” in “ IE->Internet Options->Connection->Proxy Server” is left blank. It is required to set “ Security” to the proxy the same as that set in other items.

(3) Other IE setup problems. Please make the following setup: go to the program column in “ IE->Internet Option” and click “Web Reset”; go to the advanced column of “IE->Internet Options” and click “Restore to the Default Setup”; go to the security column of “IE->Internet Options” and set the security rating as default; go to the privacy column of “IE->Internet Options” and set privacy as default.

Question: What can I do if I forget the NetShield password?

Answer: First, check the type of NetShield; if it is a pre-fabricated NetShield (the NetShield ID begins with 95561), it needs to be replaced over the counter; if it is not a pre-fabricated NetShield (the NetShield ID does not begin with 95561), you may do as follows:

Step 1: Initialize the NetShield: log on to the IB homepage (www.cib.com.cn), click the personal internet banking tool at the center of “Download Center” (lower corner on the right); according to the version of NetShield, download the corresponding NetShield initialization tool, then run the initialization tool to initialize USBKey tool.

Step 2: Apply for reissuance of the certificate at any outlet of IB.

Step 3: Log on to the IB homepage (www.cib.com.cn), click the personal internet banking tool at the center of “Download Center” (lower corner on the right), select the corresponding NetShield version, and download the certificate into the NetShield again.

Question: When signing the certificate, how should I handle the report “the feature or method is not supported by the object”?

Answer: In order to reinforce the security of the certificate, China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA) has updated the certificate signature control of IB and most customers can upgrade the control normally. However, due to different computer environments, a few customers may not be able to upgrade normally. If you encounter this problem, please try the following steps:

(1) Exit the personal banking system;

(2) Download the certificate signature control and install it;

(3) Log on to the personal/corporate banking system to verify whether the signature functions properly;

(4) If the signature still cannot be used, please try another browser (such as Maxthon browser or 360 browser).