【About Password Management】

Question: What are the differences between the logon password, online payment password, withdrawal password, transaction password and inquiry password of internet banking?


1. A logon password is used for logging on the personal internet banking system, consisting of any two of numbers, English letters and common symbols, with a length of 6~8 digits. For the purpose of security, we recommend you to change your password on a regular basis.

2. An online payment password is a password used specially for handling online shopping payments. The password is required to be independent of and distinguishable from the account password with a view to making internet banking more secure. For the purpose of security, we recommend you to change your password on a regular basis.

3. A withdrawal password is the most important password. It is required for handling most non-credit card transactions via internet banking.

4. A transaction password is set for a credit card. It is used for handling such services as registration of credit card, account management and inquiry via internet banking.

5. An inquiry password is set for a credit card and used for logging on the internet banking system of credit card.


Question: What shall I do if I forget the logon password or the logon password is locked up?

Answer: You may reset your logon password through the button “Forget” on the left of the input box for “Logon Password” on the logon page of personal internet banking, and the reset password will be sent to your mobile phone or email registered with IB in the form of SMS or email. If you haven't registered such information or have registered incorrect information with IB, you may go to any IB outlet to handle the password resetting service with your own original identity certificate and any non-credit card account registered on the internet banking. If it is a credit card, you may call 95561 for registration or modification. If the encryption control has not been installed, the button “Forget” will not be displayed. Please install the control according to the information indicated in the logon password box first.