【Business Application and Logon】

1. Use directly without the need for application

Most businesses can be handled via the personal internet banking system without application.

You may select “First Time Log On” on the logon page of internet banking, enter relevant information as indicated on the page, and set the internet banking password after passing the verification. Then, you can log on to the internet banking system.

After logging on to the system , you may directly handle most banking businesses, including inquiry, fixed and notice deposits, wealth management product, precious metal, fund, third-party depository, and loan. If you need to handle the businesses of transfer, fees payment and online payment, and apply for NetShield certificate and SMS Guard, you may go to any outlet of IB for application. Any NetShield certificate user may also set transfer, fees payment, online payment and other electronic banking services of IB (mobile banking and telephone banking) via the internet banking system.

*According to relevant provisions of the regulatory authorities, to purchase wealth management products via the internet banking/mobile banking, the customer should first go through risk assessment at any outlet of IB.

3. What can I do if I forget the logon password?

You may reset your logon password through the button “Forget the logon password” to the right of the entering box for “Logon Password” on the logon page of personal internet banking, and the new password will be sent to your mobile phone or email registered with IB by short message or email. If you haven't registered such information or have registered incorrect information with IB, you may go to any IB outlet to handle the password resetting service with your own original identity certificate and any non-credit card account registered on the internet banking. If it is a credit card, you may call 95561 for registration or modification.


3. Unified management of credit card and wealth management card

The personal internet banking system of IB supports you to register any password-based accounts that you or others open ed in IB under a personal internet banking customer ID, including wealth management card, credit card and deposit book. You can put various accounts in the internet banking system and manage many accounts after logging on to the system.