【Individualized Customization】

1. Fast access to common functions

The personal internet banking page of IB provides the column of “Fast Access” on the left, which supports self-defined setup. You may set the functions most frequently used (7 functions to the maximum ) so that you can manage quick operat ion after logging on to the system.

2. Sequencing registered accounts according to need

You may sequence the accounts that you registered under your internet banking customer ID through the function of “Account Sequencing” under “Management of IB Accounts” of “Service Management”. You can arrange the account used most frequently at the most front position by directly drag ging the account to the designated position.

3. Modification of account byname

Have you notice d that there is a dashed line below the account byname on the welcome page of the personal internet banking of IB? You can click here to enter or modify you r account byname directly.