【Transfer and Remittance】

1. “One-key Transfer” provides you with unparalleled transfer experience.

“One-key Transfer” is the latest convenient service that the personal internet banking of IB released. Your may click “Transfer and Remittance”–“One-key Transfer”, preset the transfer information such as payee account and payee, and upon transfer in the next time, you can directly use the information and finish transfer by pressing merely one key without enter ing the account information again. You may directly set up to 50 “One-key Transfer” instructions.

2. Scheduled Transfer

The personal internet banking of IB provides the service of scheduled transfer. You may click “ Transfer and Remittance”–“Scheduled Transfer” to set such conditions as payee account, transfer amount, frequency and starting a nd ending dates. After the one time setting, the system will automatically carry out the scheduled transfer. The service is applicable to timed loan repayment and paying living costs to children/parents.

3. Batch Transfer

The batch transfer through the personal internet banking system of IB supports batch transfer from one account to many accounts, 2 to 1,000 transfers in each batch can be accomplished . You can handle it through “Transfer and Remittance–Batch Transfer”.

4. Management of frequently-used payee accounts

You may set byname s for payee accounts to facilitate identification upon transfer through “Transfer and Remittance–Management of Frequently-used Payee Accounts”.

5. Adding frequently-used payee accounts at a fast rate

Upon handling the transfer business, you may tick the option of “Add Frequently-used Payee Accounts” on the transaction page for entering transfer information, and after accomplishing transfer, the account will be automatically saved as a frequently-used payee account of yours. Upon transfer in the next time, you may directly use it from “Select Frequently-used Payee Accounts” without entering the information of payee again.

6. Inquiry about transfer receipt

After you make a successfully transfer via the personal internet banking system of IB, we provide two methods to send the receipt: SMS message and email. You may enter the mobile phone number or email address of the payee and send the inquiry number of receipt to the payee. If you fail to send the receipt to the payee on the page for successful transfer, then you may inquire about the transfer instruction that has been accepted successfully through the service of “Inquiry about Transfer Details and Receipts” under “Transfer and Remittance”. You may click the button “Detailed Information” right of the list and submit the request for sending receipt on the receipt page that pops up.

The payee may enter the receipt inquiry number and payee account under the “Inquiry about Receipts” on the homepage of IB to inquire about the receipt information. Friendly notice: The contents of receipt only indicate that IB has accepted the transfer application, and it does not represent the final handling result of transfer.