【More Using Skills】

1. Scheduled Payment

Scheduled payment means the automatic fees payment on a regular basis for which the payment item, payment account number and payment amount have been set in one lot in advance. The business can be handled through “Self-service Payment–Scheduled Payment”.

2. Fund Search

When purchasing fund via the personal internet banking system of IB, you can enter the keywords for a fund name to activate a fuzzy search so as to find your desired fund at a fast speed.

3. Demonstration Version of Personal Internet Banking

IB provides the demonstration version of personal internet banking, with which you can experience all internet banking services easily. You can do so through “‘Logon Area' at the homepage of IB-Personal Internet Banking–Demonstration Version”. (Click here to experience the internet banking system immediately)

4. Transaction guide bar clear at a glance

When you handle businesses via the personal internet banking system of IB, the transaction guide bar below the menu on the page will clearly indicate the handling step that you're in so that you can be clear about your progress.

5. Supporting various browsers

The personal internet banking system of IB supports a variety of browsers such as IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, thus meeting the preferences of different customers.

6. Page number

Do you notice that there is a serial number consisting of a group of figures at the right lower corner of the internet banking page? If you encounter any problem during operation and need to consult the customer service hotline of IB (95561), you can inform our customer service personnel of the page number so that we can, in a more accurate way, locate the specific page where you encounter problems.