Android Mobile Banking Client

(1) Visit the online mobile banking ( or with an Android mobile phone to, click to select "download client", and download and install it.

(2) Download now and synchronize the mobile phone with the computer via data cable to install the client.

(3) Scan the QR code below to download (you may use the QR code scanning function of third party software such as "Wochacha", "Scan", and "Kuaipai 2D Barcode", and the screening function of mobile browser).

(4) Get the download address through the uplink short message: clients may send "sj" or "sjyh" to "95561" via mobile phones, and our bank will send back a short message containing the address for downloading the client.

(5) Our bank has officially released the client in the following application markets and provided download service, and you may click the following links to download the client:

360 Mobile Assistant, Baidu Application, China Mobile Application Mall, MyApp of Tencent, Android Market, and 91 Assistant.