Application Guide

Most mobile banking services can be handled without application, but the functions of transfer, payment and mobile payment may be used only after application. When handling transfer or fees payment, for the online version, you can choose operator-based logon to obtain the signed mobile phone number, and then you can handle the relevant service, or choose regular logon to handle the service via verification with SMS Guard. For the client version, you can handle the service with the SMS Guard after logon.

Application Form for Mobile Banking of Industrial Bank


Mode of Application Business Category Functional Module Target Clients
Direct use without application Website information Financial Market, Precious Metals, Wealth Management Information, Wealth Management Calculator, About IB, and Market Quotation, etc. All clients
Inquiries, Wealth Management and Credit Cards Account Inquiry, Market Quotation, Precious Metal, Wealth Management Product, Agency Fund Transaction, Foreign Exchange Trading, Bank-securities Business, IB Wealth Management, Loan Financing, Credit Card, and Credit Card Repayment, etc. Bank card clients
Sign agreement via the Internet Banking (via certificate or SMS Guard)
Sign at an outlet
Log on the mobile banking for self-service agreement signing (Internet banking transfer activated, with SMS Guard, and activation of mobile banking transfer allowed)
Transfer and Payment Real-time intra-bank transfer Clients signing agreement on designated /free transfer through mobile banking
Real-time Inter-bank Transfer-out
Regular Inter-bank Transfer
Real-time Inter-bank Transfer-in Clients signing authorized payment agreement to use IB accounts (wealth management cards) to launch the deduction of funds from accounts of other banks through the online inter-bank payment and settlement system of the People's Bank of China (signing at the Internet banking system of IB is permitted).
Mobile Phone Number Transfer Clients signing agreement on free transfer through mobile banking


Self-service Payment


Clients signing agreement on self-service payment through mobile banking
Sign agreement by logging on the Internet banking platform and mobile banking platform; sign agreement at an outlet with a wealth management card Mobile Phone Payment


Mobile phone top-up, life and entertainment, and business travel Clients opening the functions of online payment and SMS Guard

Service Application Instruction:

I. Application for the services of transfer and remittance and self-service payment

1. You can go to any outlet of IB or log on the personal banking system with certificate → Service Management → Setup of Functions and Limits → Setup of Mobile Banking Functions, to activate / modify / close the mobile banking functions of designated transfer, free transfer and self-service fees payment with certificate or SMS Guard.

2. After activating the designated transfer / free transfer of mobile banking, you can handle the services of transfer and remittance via the mobile banking; after activating the function of self-service payment, you may handle the service of self-service payment via the mobile banking.

II. Application for the Service of Mobile Phone Top-up, and Mobile Lottery and Movie Ticket Purchase

For mobile phone top-up and purchase of mobile lottery and movie ticket, it is required to activate the online payment function of the bank, and the mobile phone top-up with bank card only support the mobile phone numbers for which the service of "SMS Guard" has been activated. The methods to apply for activating the online payment function are as follows:

1. To activate the online payment function for debit card (including IB e-card)

(1) For a client with Internet banking digital certificate: method 1) log onto the personal Internet banking, choose "Service Management" → "Setup of Functions and Limit" → "Setup of Internet Banking Functions", and meanwhile, activate both the online payment and SMS Guard functions; method2) log onto the personal Internet banking, choose "Online Payment" → "Activate/Close Online Payment", and activate the online payment function.

(2) For a client who has activated SMS Guard: log onto the personal Internet banking, choose "Online Payment" → "Activate/Close Online Payment", and activate the online payment function.

(3) Log on the IB mobile banking → "Continue" → "Service Management" → "Setup of Functions and Limit" → "Activate Online Payment", and activate the online payment function; or activate it via "Homepage" → "Business Application" → "Online Payment" → "Activate Online Payment of Wealth Management Card".

(4) For other clients: Please bring your own identity certificate and a debit card to any IB outlet to activate online payment and SMS Guard functions.

2. To activate the online payment function for credit card

(1) Self-service activation via Internet banking

Log on the credit card Internet banking platform of IB →choose "Online Payment" → "Activate/Close Online Payment Function", click the button of "Change", select the method of activation, and click "Confirm" → confirm to activate the online payment function for your credit card.

(2) Self-service activation via mobile banking

You can activate the function through "Homepage – Business Application – Activate Online Payment for Wealth Management Card or Activate Online Payment for Credit Card.

III. Register Mobile Banking

Clients can use an IB wealth management card or credit card to register mobile banking and define their logon names and mobile banking passwords through "Online Mobile Banking → Business Application → User Registration → Business Application of Mobile Banking →Registration of Logon Name" or "Client-based Mobile Banking – Service Application – Service Application of Mobile Banking – Registration of Logon Name". Specifically, the login name may be a combination of 3-11 numbers and letters, such as a mobile phone number. The mobile banking password may be a combination of 8-16 numbers and letters, which are case sensitive. It is recommended to use a combination of numbers and letters if possible and reset the password aperiodically, so as to increase the security level of the mobile banking.

After logging on the mobile banking system with the logon name, clients may associate an IB wealth management card or credit card to the logon name by selecting Mobile Banking → Service Management → IB Account Management → Add Related Account. A logon name may be associated up to 10 bank cards. After successful association, clients may log on the mobile banking with logon name, and then switch to any associated card to manage multiple cards with a single logon name.