The mobile banking system adopts ten security protection measures to ensure transaction security:

1. Mobile phone number or SMS identification:

(1) Online version: One can choose the operator-based logon to obtain the mobile phone number, and to handle the service of transfer, fees payment, etc., or choose the ordinary logon to handle the service of transfer, fees payment by way of SMS identification.  

(2) Client version: One can handle the service of transfer, fees payment by way of SMS identification.

2. Mobile Banking password and bank card password: Identification with dual passwords.

In order to further intensify the security management, any bank card of which the password is a row of identical numbers, a sequence of numbers or the birth date of the card holder cannot be used to log on the mobile banking platform.

3. Picture extra code protection: To prevent the password from being maliciously cracked.

4. Verification with preset message: To avoid being tricked by a false or fake website.

5. Key field encryption: Key words like passwords are first encrypted locally and then SSL encrypted as per industry standards.

6. Business control: the services about information, inquiry and wealth management need not be applied, and they are available with a mobile phone; such services about transfer and fees payment can only be used after application.

7. Transaction limit: A client may set the transaction limit by himself or herself to reduce risks.

8. Data encryption: SSL encryption algorithm of the Industry standard is used.

9. Bank server verification: VeriSign safety certificate is used.

10. "Smart Messenger" reminder: Notification upon change in account and incorrect transaction password to give a timely reminder.


â—†Security Notes

1. Please visit the mobile banking via your own mobile phone, and don't give your mobile phone to any other people when it is in the state of valid logon.

2. Activate such services involving transfer-out of funds as transfer and payment as needed, set a proper limit and register your mobile phone number correctly. If your mobile phone is lost, please contact the mobile communication operator for loss report and re-apply for the mobile phone number.

3. Please visit the correct mobile banking address via the built-in browser of the mobile phone or a browser that has passed security authentication. Please download the client mobile banking on our website or online mobile banking, and iPhone client may be downloaded via App Store.

4. During the process of using, if the mobile browser indicates "save account number and password", please choose "NO". Close the function of "saving account number and password" in the setup of browser, and clear the cache, cookies and sheets in the browser on a regular basis.

5. Please keep your private card, login name, password and other information, and the password should be complex enough and changed on a regular basis; when using the mobile banking at a public place, please take appropriate measures for shielding to enter password, so as to avoid others from peering beside.