Introduction of Functions

Wechat Bank is our public account opened on the Wechat Public Platform to provide information, account management, customer service consultation and other services. Users must follow our public account before using it.

How to follow us

Wechat Notice Account Inquiry Transfer & Payment Direct Sale of Bank Service Service Reservation Special Offers Ambient Information Customer Service Consultation Other E-Bank Services

1、Wechat Notice

The content of notice includes account changes of wealth management card, account changes of credit card, wealth management product expiry reminder.

2、Account Inquiry

Inquiry for deposits and loans of wealth management card; credit card bill and credit line.

3、 Transfer & Payment

Provide a fast access to Mobile Banking to handle transfer, remittance and living cost payment.

4、Direct Sale of Bank Services

“Direct Sale Bank”, as a “fast track for wealth”, is an Internet direct sale platform created by our bank to sell investment and wealth management products. The IB “Direct Sale Bank” provides clients with a line of stable and profitable wealth management products and supports on-line purchase with various bank cards, offering intuitive operation and “one-click” purchase experience. The “Direct Sale Bank” channel on Wechat Bank will regularly update the hottest investment and wealth management products.

5、 Service Reservation

Provide reservation for outlet services, including queuing, card renewal, application for a debit card or evaluation of wealth management risk.

6、Special Offers

Provide information of various special offers, including those applicable to mobile payment, on-line shopping mall and direct sale bank.

7、Ambient Information

The Wechat Bank may tell you the locations of nearby IB outlets, ATMs and merchants that have special offers for credit card.

8、 Customer Service Consultation

The service will be provided by combining machine and human services.

9、Other E-Bank Services

Provide an access to our Mobile Banking to facilitate users to handle multiple businesses.

All functions stated above involving an account require you to bind your bank card with Wechat Bank.