Introduction of Functions

Wechat Bank is our public account opened on the Wechat Public Platform to provide information, account management, customer service consultation and other services. Users must follow our public account before using it.

How to follow us

WeChat Notifications    Account Inquiry    Service Processing    Service Appointments    Customer Service Consultation

1. WeChat Notifications

Receive timely updates via the Smart Messenger on WeChat, including account activity alerts, credit card transaction details, and reminders of the upcoming maturity of wealth management products.

2. Account Inquiry

Provides inquiry services for debit card account details, as well as credit card billing and available credit line information.

3. Service Processing

Facilitates applications for personal pension plans, loan requisitions, and credit card requests.

4. Service Appointments

Schedules branch services, encompassing queue reservations, card replacement reservations, and debit card application appointments.

5. Customer Service Consultation

Experience a hybrid approach, blending AI and manual customer service solutions.