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Personal life comprehensive insurance

The total coverage of personal life comprehensive insurance is 330, 000 Yuan, and detailed coverage plan shall be:

personal accident insurances include: general accident insurance, gas accident insurance, accident insurance for traveling by car, accident medical insurance, accident hospitalization subsidy. The insured shall be natural person aged 3 to 70 years (inclusive). Please see the table below for specific coverage:

Personal life comprehensive Insured Liability Compensation (Yuan)
general accident 150000
gas accident insurance 120000
accident insurance for traveling by car 50000
accident medical insurance 10000
accident hospitalization subsidy 80 Yuan/day, 100 days at most
Total 330000

Case 1

After retirement, Mr. Sun frequently went out and visited his friends. One day, he fell over by accident and broke his pelvis and lower leg, caused medical fee of over 8,000 Yuan. Enjoyable Life compensated majority of the expenses for Mr. Sun.