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Insurance protection

According to the characteristics of daily life for aged people, IB and China Continent Insurance jointly provide VIP clients of Enjoyable Life with value-added insurance service, including comprehensive insurance of family properties, personal life comprehensive insurance, loss insurance for personal deposits, covering all aspects of daily life for aged clients.


1. Comprehensive insurance of family properties and personal life comprehensive insurance will be offered as insurance card, and each client of Enjoyable Life can choose one. They can use the insurance card for themselves or send to family members as gift. Once activated, the card will be valid for one year.

2. Each client of Enjoyable Life is entitled to loss insurance for personal deposits, and no insurance card will be provided separately.

3. The above insurance protection of Enjoyable Life is provided by IB free of charge.


Service Telephone Number: 4007050114 (client service telephone number of China Continent Insurance).

95590 (insurance report telephone number of China Continent Insurance) 

Service time: 9:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00, Monday to Sunday (except for national holidays).  

1. Activation of insurance policy 

Client will receive a User Manual of Financial Value-added Service of Enjoyable Life (Insurance) along with insurance card. Client can activate the card by following steps indicated in the Manual. Specific procedure:

Cal l4007050114- press "1. insurance application"-enter password and number of service card-transfer to operator service 

Note: Please scrape the coating of insurance card for the password and card number.

Insurance policy will take effect on the tenth day after client submitted insurance application, and China Continent Insurance will notify the number of valid insurance policy and related insurance information by SMS.

Once the insurance card expires, China Continent Insurance will cancel the expired card automatically in its system.

2. Modification of insurance policy 

It is allowed to change original insurance data (including the insured or subject insured) within 3 days after activation of policy, and the policy will be subject to the last modified data. Specific procedure:

Cal l4007050114- press "2. data modification"-enter password and number of service card-transfer to operator service 

Note: Please scrape the coating of insurance card for the password and card number.

After the policy takes effect, insurance company will not accept changes to the insured or subject insured (real estate insured in comprehensive insurance of family properties) except for text error. To change text error, client shall conduct proof formalities at any of IB's outlets and affix the proof with business seal of the bank. Then client should mail such proof and relevant materials to the address: Enjoyable Life project team, Corporate Business Dept., 10F, Building A, Jinsanqiao Mansion, No.558, North Liuyi Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian, post code: 350011.Once change is completed, insurance company will notify client by SMS.

Accident report 

Clients may call 95590, the 24 hours insurance service hotline set by China Continent Insurance for accident report:

Call 95590-press"1 report" 

Note: Please call 95590 to report within 48 hours after accident. When assessor of insurance companies arrived, please provide relevant materials according to "claims application documents" in the Manual.

Insurance Plans

Loss insurance for personal deposits

Personal life comprehensive insurance

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