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Comprehensive insurance of family properties

The total coverage of comprehensive insurance of family properties is 800, 000 Yuan, and detailed coverage plan shall be: 

1. Main insurance: insurance against fire, blast, typhoon, flood and other hazards.  

2. Additional insurances: additional theft/robbery insurance, additional water damage insurance, additional appliances damage insurance, additional personal liability insurance, additional home living liability insurance, additional leaser liability insurance, additional housekeeping staff fidelity insurance, additional family employer liability insurance.  

Insured Liability

Compensation (Yuan)

Main Insurance Insurance against fire, blast, typhoon, flood and other hazards. 630000 Including: House and attached equipment 580000
decoration 30000
Indoor properties 20000
Additional insurance additional theft/robbery insurance 20000 Including: cash 1000
jewelry 1000
additional water damage insurance 10000
additional appliances damage insurance 20000
additional personal liability insurance 20000
additional home living liability insurance 20000
additional leaser liability insurance 20000
additional housekeeping staff fidelity insurance 30000
additional family employer liability insurance 30000
Total  800000

Case 1

Mr. Wang likes to invite friends to his home. During a gathering one day, Mr. Zhao, one of his friends, broke his leg by accident in bathroom. Mr. Wang drove him to hospital and paid all the medical expenses for him. Afterwards, Mr. Wang received compensation from Enjoyable Life insurance. 

Case 2

Mr. Li's apartment is 20 years old, and the pipe leakage in bathroom not only damaged the wood floor in his own living room but also penetrated into downstairs. The neighbor thus demanded compensation from Mr. Li. The majority of Mr. Li's loss on his own floor and properties of neighbor due to pipe leakage has been compensated by Enjoyable Life insurance. 

Case 3

Ms. Chen hired a nanny from a normal housekeeping agency. One day the nanny broke her leg while doing housework and the treatment cost over 10,000 Yuan. As the employer, Mr. Chen paid all the medical expenses for her. Most of the medial expenses paid by Ms. Chen for her nanny have been compensated by Enjoyable Life insurance.  

Case 4

One day, Miss Wu walked her dog outside, suddenly, the dog got rid of Miss Wu and bit a passerby. Miss Wu took the passerby to hospital to give a preventive injection and dress the wound, and spend over 1,000 Yuan. Part of the medial expenses has been compensated by Enjoyable Life insurance. 

Case 5

After walk and came back to home, Mr. Song found his door was broken into, and the home was in a mess apparently made by thief. Fortunately, only small amount of cash and jewelry were stolen. A certain amount of compensation was provided by Enjoyable Life insurance.