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Courtesy Certificate of Deposit

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It is a featured fixed savings product that launched for gift, collection, commemoration and other purposes based on traditional RMB certificate of fixed deposit. It includes Chinese zodiac courtesy certificate of deposit and Memorial Day courtesy certificate of deposit.  


1. For collection: It comes with special collection sheets of artistic design, which conveys profound meaning and is perfect for collection.  

2. Safety of funds: With multiple options of withdrawal, certificate holders can choose the most suitable one based on their needs, thus better ensuring the safety of funds.  

3. Easy to use: Courtesy certificate of deposit can be partially withdrawn ahead of schedule in multiple times, which ensures the liquidity of funds.  

4. Assets allocation: In a sound assets allocation plan, some fixed funds need be allocated as daily reserves where courtesy certificate of deposit is an ideal choice.  

Target Client

 Featured with steady revenue, safe principal, artistic design, courtesy certificate of deposit is suitable for seniors, teenagers, and for wage payment and housing removal and compensation payment.  

Service Channel

1. Open account: our business outlets

2. Withdrawal: our counters  

3. Inquiry: our counters, Internet banking, telephone banking and mobile banking


1. Currency and minimum amount for deposit

RMB 1,000

2. Deposit term

The term can be three months, six months, one year, two years, three years and five years.  

3. Application

You can apply for courtesy certificate of deposit at any of our outlets with your valid ID documents and agent's valid ID documents, if applicable.  

4. Miscellaneous

except for minimum amount for deposit and format of certificate, please see guide for fixed deposit for other business rules.