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Large-sum Certificate of Deposit

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As a general savings product, large-sum certificate of deposit is a book-entry large-sum certificate of deposit that our bank issues to investors.


1. Better liquidity: Compared to regular fixed deposits, large-sum certificate of deposit can be transferred and pledged. Better liquidity makes it more favorable to banks and investors. 

2. Market-oriented pricing: The threshold of large-sum certificate of deposit is higher than those of regular fixed deposits. With the minimum purchase amount and interest rate higher than those of regular fixed deposits, it is more close to market interest rate.

3. More flexible: When withdrawing ahead of schedule, the interest will be calculated based on multiple brackets, ensuring the flexibility of assets allocation at one hand, and higher interest revenue on the other hand.

Target Client

It is designed for clients who have a strict demand on market-oriented interest rate.

Service Channels 

1. Subscription: our counters, Internet banking.

2. Withdrawal: out counters, Internet banking.

3. Inquiry: out counters, Internet banking.


1. Term: The term can be one month, three months, six months, nine months, one year and two years. No other longer term available at the time.

2. Periodicity: each issue of product will be open for one week, from 08:00 on Monday to 18:00 on Sunday. Interest will be accrued from the date of purchase. In case of holidays, periodicity and time will be announced separately.

3. Interest rate: Presently, fixed interest rate is adopted for large-sum certificate of deposit and interest and principal will be repaid in a lump sum upon maturity. Floating interest rate is not applicable for now. Interest rate and other information regarding products of various terms will be published by our headquarters before issuance. Where central bank adjusts interest rate policy or benchmark interest rate changes, our bank will adjust the pricing standard of interest rate in due course.

4. Minimum amount: 200,000 yuan, increasing by RMB 100.

5. Channels: Currently, it could be handled at our counters and Internet banking. To subscribe large-sum certificate of deposit, you must have a debit card of our bank. If you don't, you have to apply for one at our counter before subscribing large-sum certificate of deposit.

6. Method: Large-sum certificate of deposit will be issued electronically with debit card, and paper certificate is not available. While large-sum certificate of deposit can be issued and pledged at the moment, the system does not support redemption and trade yet. The whole process of issuance includes issue, withdrawal in advance and payment upon maturity.

7. Withdrawal in advance: it can be withdrawn in full and cancelled, or partially withdrawn. The balance in large-sum certificate of deposit account should be no less than 200,000 Yuan after partial withdrawal.

When withdrawing in advance, based on actual holding period of certificate, the lower bracket of benchmark fixed interest rate of corresponding period published by PBOC applies. For period shorter than 3 months (exclusive), interest will be calculated at current interest rate; for period between 3 months and 6 months (exclusive), interest will be calculated at the 3 months fixed interest rate published by PBOC; for period of savings between 6 months and 12 months (exclusive), interest will be calculated at the 6 months fixed interest rate published by PBOC.