Recurring Deposit

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It is a saving product that depositors agree on a term, save money monthly and withdraw both principal and interest upon maturity.


1. Accumulate small amount into large savings: it is an accumulative, planning and restrictive savings product.

2. Comparatively higher revenue: though its interest rate is lower than those of fixed deposit, but it is still higher than those of current savings.

3. Universal deposit and withdrawal: clients can re-deposit and cancel account in any local and non-local outlet of our bank for recurring deposit that can be withdrawn upon password.

Target Client

It is designed for clients who need to accumulate surplus money, such as students, workplace newbies and those wish to build a habit of saving.

Service Channels

1. Open account: our business outlets

2. Re-deposit and withdrawal: our counters

3. Inquiry: our counters, Internet banking, telephone banking and mobile banking


1. Currency and minimum amount for deposit


2. Deposit term

The term can be one year, three years and five years.

3. Universal saving and withdrawing

For recurring deposit that can be withdrawn upon password, it could be re-deposited and canceled at any of our outlets; for recurring deposit that can be withdrawn upon other methods, it shall be handled at the original account opening outlet.

4. Re-deposit rules

recurring deposit could be re-deposited at any day of each month; in case of missed, the funds should be supplemented in the next month; the amount re-deposited should be equal to the amount deposited at account opening. Funds can be supplemented and pre-deposited once each during deposit term, and supplementing and pre-deposit across two months is not supported. When clients handle re-deposit, the system will conduct in the sequence of "supplement first, re-deposit later" or "re-deposit first, pre-deposit later".

5. Application

You can apply for a wealth management card or certificate of recurring deposit at any of our outlets with your valid ID documents and agent's valid ID documents, if applicable.