Simple Fixed Deposit

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It is a savings product that clients save the principal at one time, withdraw interest in multiple times and receive the principal upon maturity.


1. Flexible withdrawal of interest: it is flexible and convenient to receive revenue by multiple withdrawals of interest.

2. Universal withdrawal: clients can withdraw interest and cancel account in any local and non-local outlet of our bank for simple fixed deposit that can be withdrawn upon password.

3. Pledge loan facility: If a simple fixed deposit is about to expire and you need capital for emergency, you can apply for pledge loan facility from our bank.

Target Client

It is designed for clients who have much idle cash and hope to cover living expenses with interest.

Service Channels

1. Open account: our business outlets

2. Withdrawal of interest: our counters

3. Withdrawal of the principal: our counters

4. Inquiry: our counters, Internet banking, telephone banking and mobile banking


1. Currency and minimum amount for deposit

RMB 5000

2. Deposit term

The term can be one year, three years and five years.

2. Universal withdrawal

For simple fixed deposit that can be withdrawn upon password, interest could be withdrawn and account could be canceled at any of our outlets; for simple fixed deposit that can be withdrawn upon other methods, it shall be handled at the original account opening outlet.

3. Rules for interest withdrawal

The interest withdrawal of such deposit is one time a month by default, and the interest shall be calculated from the date of deposit. Interest must be withdrawn at the pre-set date, and advance of interest is not supported. If you do not withdraw the interest at maturity, you can withdraw it anytime later but compound interest is not available. Interest tax will not be deducted at withdrawal of interest but at the cancellation of account.

4. Application

You can apply a wealth management card or certificate of simple fixed deposit at any of our outlets with your valid ID documents and agent's valid ID documents, if applicable.