Flexi Fixed Deposit

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It is a saving product that clients save principal at one time but do not agree on a deposit term, and may withdraw in full at any time.


1. Combing benefits of fixed deposit and conveniences of current deposit: At account opening, clients do not set a deposit term, and banks calculate interest according to the actual deposit term. It is subject to no term limitation and enjoys interest rate between those of fixed and current deposit.

2. Universal withdrawal: Flexi Fixed Deposits that can be withdrawn upon password can be withdrawn at any outlet in the jurisdiction.

Target Client 

It is designed for clients who expect no large expenditure within three months.

Service Channels

1. Open account: our business outlets

2. Withdrawal: our counters

3. Inquiry: our counters, Internet banking, telephone banking and mobile banking


1. Currency and minimum amount for deposit

RMB 50

2. Universal saving and withdrawal

For Flexi Fixed Deposit that can be withdrawn upon password, it can be withdrawn at any of our outlets; for Flexi Fixed Deposit that can be withdrawn upon other methods, it shall be handled at the original account opening outlet.

3. Application

You can apply for a wealth management card at any of our outlets with your valid ID documents and agent's valid ID documents, if applicable.