Domestic/Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit


The Fixed Deposit in both domestic and foreign currencies pertains to a savings product wherein a specified tenure is agreed upon during deposit, allowing for the entire amount to be deposited and subsequently withdrawn in full, inclusive of the principal and interest upon maturity.

Key Features

1. Enhanced Returns: The interest rates for Fixed Deposits are higher than those of demand deposits.

2. Provincial Level Universal Withdrawal: Fixed Deposits, when withdrawn using a password, support intracity and intercity withdrawal within the IB system.

3. Automatic Rollover for Added Convenience: Customers can set a renewal term upon deposit, and upon maturity, the IB system will automatically reinvest both principal and interest as per the agreed terms.

4. Pledge Loan for Liquidity: Should there be an imminent maturity of a Fixed Deposit with an urgent need for funds, you can apply for a pledge loan for liquidity.

Target Clients

The Fixed Deposit is tailored for clients who favour a stable and traditional wealth management approach, making it an essential component of a family investment portfolio.

Service Channels

1.Account Opening Services: IB branches and outlets, online banking, telephone banking, the IB Mobile Banking APP, and smart kiosks.

2.Cash Deposit and Withdrawal Services: IB branch counters.

3.The Inter-transfer Services Between Time Deposit and Demand Deposit Accounts: IB branch counters, online banking, telephone banking, the IB Mobile Banking APP, and smart kiosks.

4.Inquiry Services: IB branch counters, online banking, telephone banking, the IB Mobile Banking APP, and smart kiosks.

Application Guide

1. The Minimum Deposit Amounts of Different Currencies

¥50 CNY/$10 USD/€10 EUR/£50 GBP/$100 HKD/¥2,000 JPY/$10 AUD/$10 CAD/?10 CHF/$20 SGD/$10 NZD.

2. Deposit Tenure

For Fixed Deposits in CNY: Tenures of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and 5 years.

For Fixed Deposits in foreign currencies: Tenures of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years.

3. Universal Withdrawal Rules

For Fixed Deposits accessed with a password, withdrawals can be made at any IB branch. However, for those without password access, withdrawals must be conducted at the original account-opening branch.

4. Partial Early Withdrawal Rules

For Fixed Deposits backed by personal deposit slips and wealth management cards, unlimited partial early withdrawals are permitted within the deposit tenure. Conversely, Fixed Deposits backed by Term All-In-One Account allow for only one partial early withdrawal during the deposit tenure.

5. Service Application

Clients can visit any IB branch with valid IDs to open a wealth management card, Fixed Deposit slip, or Term All-In-One Account. If applying on behalf of another, the representative's valid ID must also be presented.