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Domestic/foreign Currency fixed deposit

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It is a savings product that depositors save in lump-sum for an agreed deposit term and withdraw both principal and interest in lump-sum upon maturity.


1. Higher revenue: the interest rate is higher than those of current savings, and the longer deposit term is, the higher interest is.

2. Universal saving and withdrawal: clients can save and withdraw such fixed deposits that can be withdrawn upon password at local and non-local outlets of our bank.

3. Multiple partial withdrawals ahead of schedule: clients can withdraw partially up to 5 times ahead of schedule, facilitating financial planning and reducing interest loss.

4. Worry free with re-depositing automatically: clients can agree on a re-deposit term at the time of deposit, and our system will re-deposit both principal and interest automatically upon mature of the original term.

5. Pledge loan facility: If a fixed deposit is about to mature but you need capital for emergency, you can apply for pledge loan facility from our bank.

Target Client

It is designed for clients preferring traditional steady wealth management and it is perfect for family portfolio.

Service Channels

1. Open account: our business outlets

2. Cash deposit and withdrawal: our counters

3. Conversion of current deposit into fixed deposit and vice versa: our counters, Internet banking, telephone banking and mobile banking

4. Inquiry: our bank's counters, Internet banking, telephone banking, mobile banking and financial self-service terminals


1. Currency and minimum amount for deposit

RMB 50, USD 10, EUR 10, GBP 50, HKD 100, JPY 2000, AUD 10, CAD 10, CHF 10.

2. Deposit term

For RMB lump-sum saving and lump-sum withdrawal, deposit terms can be three months, half year, one year, two years, three years, and five years.

For foreign currency deposit of lump-sum saving and lump-sum withdrawal, deposit terms can be one month, three months, half year, one year and two years.

3. Universal withdrawal

For fixed savings of lump-sum saving and lump-sum withdrawal that can be withdrawn upon password, it could be withdrawn at any of our outlets; and those that can be withdrawn upon other methods shall be handled at the original account opening outlet.

4. Partial withdrawal before maturity

For fixed deposit evidenced by certificate of deposit and wealth management card, clients can withdraw partially up to 5 times during the deposit term; for fixed deposit evidenced by passbook of fixed deposit, clients can withdraw partially only one time during the deposit term.

5. Application

You can apply for a wealth management card, certificate of deposit or passbook of fixed deposit at any of our outlets with your valid ID documents and agent's valid ID documents, if applicable.